Maria & Matthew’s Engagement at Sand Key Park – Captured by Dawn

Maria and Matthew celebrated their engagement with a session at Sand Key Park in Clearwater, Florida. It was a perfect day for a beach shoot with the sun shining and clear skies. The happy couple will be getting married at TradeWinds Island Grand Resort at St.Pete Beach.

How They Met

The pair met in their office when Maria lived in Tucson. Matthew was living and working from home in Florida, but he would travel a lot to Tucson for work. They would constantly IM each other because being new, Maria had a lot of technical questions about the work. In reality, the constant messaging was because she enjoyed chatting with him. In 2017, the Dodgers and the Astros made it to the World Series. Having grown up in Houston, Matt is a huge Astros fan and since Maria is from LA, she’s always been a Dodgers fan. They decided to bet on the winner of the World Series. Having won, Matthew let Maria off the hook on the bet and ended up taking her out on their first date on December 1, 2017.

Love for Each Other

Maria and Matthew love how thoughtful and caring they are towards each other.

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