Engagement in Winter Park

Miranda & Ryan’s Winter Park Engagement

Engagement in Winter Park

With the beautiful Fall and Winter weather setting in, it was such a treat to take advance of a gorgeous day to photograph such a gorgeous couple inside and out.  Miranda and Ryan met up with me for their gorgeous Leu Gardens engagement – a favorite spot of mine to enjoy during this time of year.

A Spooktacular Halloween

My sweethearts story began just over three years ago at JD’s, a popular restaurant in town owned by Ryan’s family.  Joining in on the fun, Miranda went to JD’s with her girlfriends to attend their annual Halloween party.  Acquaintances before that one fateful night, the two ran into one another at the party and by the end of the night Ryan had asked Miranda out on a first date.  Now planning their wedding, the two never expected what fate always had planned.

What They Love Most

Falling in love with how absolutely selfless Ryan is as a person, Miranda explains that “he will go above and beyond for those he cares about, and I admire that so much.”  Always able to put a smile on her face, whether it is with his goofy dance moves or ability to discuss almost any subject, he motivates and inspires her to be a better person.  Additionally, as Miranda explains, “I love how we can be in a crowded room, but he makes me feel like we are the only two there.”

For Ryan, it was very hard to narrow down just one thing he loves most about Miranda, because so many of her traits have won him over and made him fall in love with her more and more each and every day.  From laughing at his horrible jokes, talking for hours on end about any subject under the sun, to being comfortable with one another in silence, they just ‘click.’  Of course though with such a deep love, Ryan explains that while “there are so many things I love about her that this list could go on forever, if you said I had to choose what I love most about her, I’d have to say how she has become my best friend and how I cannot imagine forever without her.”

Surprise Proposal at The Mansion

I must say that Ryan nailed in on the surprise proposal.  While Miranda was proposing his birthday celebration, she didn’t realize or even suspect that Ryan was also planning his proposal.  With Miranda inviting both of their families to enjoy dinner out at The Mansion, Ryan secretly also called the restaurant and let them know about the proposal.  As dinner began to wrap up that night with dessert about to be brought out momentarily, Ryan stepped out of the room for a moment.  Coming back in with engagement ring in tow, Ryan walked up to Miranda, got down on one knee, and proposed to her in front of their families, which of course Miranda said, “yes!”  As Miranda reminisces, “I am very hard to surprise, but that day he absolutely surprised me!  It was his birthday, but he ended up giving me the greatest gift of all!”

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this coming July at Ever After Farms in Mims, Florida!

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