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Laura & Shane’s Puppy Love Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Laura and Shane met me out at beautiful Lake Louisa for their engagement session.  Bringing along their pups Gus and Luna, we knew that the expansive and pup-friendly park would be the perfect location away from distractions and a great place for photos!

Having moved to Florida from Delaware in 2015 for work, Laura never would have expected to also meet the love of her life.  With a sister hospital to the one she worked at in Delaware opening up in Florida, Laura moved down to help open the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit.  Only knowing her cousin, Laura decided to try out online dating to meet some new people in the area and that was when she found Shane.  The two decided after connecting online, to take it offline, and meet up in Celebration for their first date.  As Laura explains, “we instantly felt like it was fate that we met, because Shane’s sister spent the first few years of her life in and out of a cardiac ICU, and that is the area in nursing that I have dedicated my career too.”

For Laura, it is Shane’s “childlike wonder” that she fell in love with and loves the most.  From his willingness to tryout new things to waking up everyday with purpose, Shane’s positivity about life helps to create balance in their relationship.  For Shane, Laura’s compassion could not be more incredible.  Working with children everyday, Laura always goes above and beyond to provide the most wonderful care in the most difficult time of life for her patients.

Valentine’s Day celebrations were always very important to Shane and Laura.  Shane knew that he wanted to propose to Laura and planned to do so when they celebrated the day of love.  A day filled with adventures, the two visited the local aquarium, strolled around downtown Tampa, an wen tot dinner at Rooster and the Till in Seminole Heights.  The day had been amazing, and Shane knew he wanted it to end with one final adventure – or really the start to a new adventure of a lifetime.  About to head out of the restaurant, Shane took Laura’s hand and bent down to one knee.  Asking for her to marry him, Laura of course said, “yes!”  Truly it was their best Valentine’s Day celebration yet!

Not only did Shane and Laura fall in love, but also their pups Gus and Luna.  The two are a little sister brother duo that follow Shane and Laura everywhere – more so for Gus when treats are around!  Gus has a “finer things in life” type personality as Shane explains from enjoying long car rides to eating any human food available.  For Luna, she tends to be more reserved and enjoys being a true outdoor pup from running around outside to hanging out on the farm with their other animals.

Looking forward to our team capturing Laura and Shane’s big day on their ranch this December!

Venue: Lake Louisa State Park

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