Connie & Casey’s Lake Louisa State Park Engagement

Connie and Casey met me out at Lake Louisa State Park for their engagement session.  Between the palm brush ground coverage and beach, our session ended up feeling more tropical than woodsy – love how dynamic and beautiful Lake Louisa is for our couple backdrop!

Casey first met Connie in 2009 at Outback Steakhouse where they were both working at the time.  As time went on and their friendship grew, teh two went on their first date in 2011 to see Joe Koy at the improv.  Of course, true to the comedian’s form – after realizing Connie and Casey were on their first date, pulled them on stage to also share their first kiss.  Truly a moment that will never be forgotten.

As their friendship turned into a relationship, Connie fell more and more in love with Casey’s caring heart and go with the flow attitude.  Truly, as Connie explains, “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.”  For Casey, it is how decisive Connie is in the decisions she makes through knowing what she wants and making it happen.  Of course, Casey also loves the way Connie is incredibly caring to those around her and that one say she will “make a great mom.”

Five years into dating, Casey knew it was time to pop the question.  They were both settling into their careers, had found where they wanted to live, and knew they had found their soulmate.  During an October vacation to New York to visit Casey’s hometown, Casey surprised Connie with a nights tay in a cabin at Bear Mountain.

Exploring the area, the two decided to hike up to the lookout point at the top of the mountain.  The scenery was beautiful as they finally reached the top.  From the Hudson River to the trees changing colors, the location could not have felt more perfect.  Connie had expected a proposal to come soon as they had talked about marriage, but not at that moment.  Casey had unknowingly to Connie slipped the engagement ring in his pocket – yes thats right – hiked up an entire mountain with a loose engagement ring in his pocket – but sure enough the surprise worked.  Bending down on now knee, Casey took Connie’s hand and asked her to marry him!  Connie was in complete shock, by both the engagement and that the ring didn’t fall out!  She of course said yes, and safely placed it on her finger for their hike down!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at Up the Creek Farm!

Venue: Lake Louisa State Park

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