Stacey & Andrew’s Sunrise Rollins College Engagement

Stacey and Andrew met me out in the heart of Winter Park for their Rollins College engagement.  Waking up early, we started our day off on the lake’s shore before exploring the campus, and finally ending at ORMC where my sweethearts first met.

It is incredible to think that just four years ago, these two met by chance at work.  Andrew was on Stacey’s unit at ORMC taking care of her patient when he caught her eye by, as she explains it, “how good looking Andrew was, especially in his scrubs.”  The two would chat often about their patient’s care and had a little bet going, which Stacey ended up winning.  Of course her humor and silliness came out when she would remind Andrew that she won.

Andrew of course noticed Stacey right away, from how graceful she was to the kindness and love she put into taking care of her patients.  After their patient transitioned to being better and heading home, the two would still run into one another periodically on Stacey’s floor.  Stacey would completely blush and get nervous every time she ran into him, and with being at work the two didn’t have time to chat for long.

Fast forward a year later, Andrew ran into Stacey downtown which was when they reconnected and started talking again.  After meeting up a few times, Stacey just had to know – why didn’t he ever ask for a date prior?  Well it was truly a missed connection, as Andrew had sent her a message on Facebook, but never heard back.  Stacey was completely confused though, as she had never received a message.  Ironically enough, one night Stacey needed to send Andrew a message, but didn’t want to wake him up after a long shift.  Hopping on Facebook, she sent him a message and bam – there it was – the message Andrew sent a year prior.  Stacey had to laugh to herself and tell Andrew the next day that she finally found it!  Fate brought them a second chance to reconnect and since that one fateful day of seeing one another out, they have been inseparable.

It can take a lifetime to find ‘the one,’ but for Stacey and Andrew they truly have not only found ‘the one,’ but also their best friend.  Stacey has made Andrew the happiest he has ever been in a relationship.  From hanging out at their apartment to experiencing life together, it has been an absolutely amazing three years.  As Andrew explains, “she’s not only the love of my life, but my best friend, and I cannot wait to marry her.”

Time is such an important aspect, and the giving of time is what Stacey cherishes most about Andrew.  Whether it is a 28 hour shift or working 19 days in a row at the hospital, Andrew always makes time for Stacey and takes the time to remind her how much he loves her.  It is that feeling, the feeling of love, that still gives her butterflies every time he is with her.

World travelers, Stacey and Andrew love experiencing new places and adventures.  However, with work taking up the majority of their time, traveling took a back seat.  After many long days and nights, they decided it was time to plan a vacation and picked going cruising on Harmony on the Seas.  When vaca day finally arrived, Stacey noticed that Andrew was packing differently.  He is very methodical and always packs in the same manner of one suitcase and minimal items, however this time he packed a backpack in his suitcase – Andrew, note to self change it up periodically just in case you have another surprise in the future while traveling, as Stacey might expect something is up hehe!  Well Stacey asked what was up with the backpack and Andrew responded with thinking it would be a good thing to have on their excursions – good cover!

Well a few other out of the norms occurred during their trip with Andrew.  Taking off periodically, he would disappear for 30 minutes at a time whether it was to grab water or a drink.  Of course Stacey just wanted to spend time with him and questioned why he kept disappearing.  Andrew however always had a good comeback, which kept Stacey from suspecting what was to come.

A few days into their travels, the two planned for a nice dinner on the boat.  Almost immediately after sitting down, Andrew stood up and walked off, which at this point Stacey was used too from his disappearing the prior days.  Little did Stacey know that every time Andrew had disappeared it was because he was planning out his proposal with the captain of the ship!

Just a few minutes after Andrew had walked off, “Will you marry me?” by Jason Derulo began playing on the speakers.  A server on the ship walked up to Stacey with Andrew’s phone which was playing the song to the speakers, and asked Stacey to follow her.  Happy tears of joy immediately began pouring out as Stacey realized what was about to happen.  Walking from the dining room to outside, notes reading “Will you marry me?” lined the hall.  Outside Andrew was waiting for her on one knee.  Running over to her beau she of course said “yes” and jumped into her arms.  The night was completely perfect and truly the best vacation of their lives.

So the big question… which I think we all know the answer too… what are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?  For Stacey, it is marrying her best friend and starting their journey together… oh and of course “finally becoming Mrs. Gratzon!”  For Andrew, it is the moment he sees Stacey for the first time in her dress walking down the aisle, as she will be the most beautiful bride.  He is also excited to introduce Stacey to many of his family members who will be coming into town to celebrate such a monumental moment in their lives with them.

Looking forward to capturing my darlings tie the knot this April!

Venue: Rollins College

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