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Brittany & Blake’s Florida Orange Grove Engagement

Brittany and Blake met me out at a beautiful working orange grove about half way between Tampa and Orlando.  One of my favorite spots, their sunrise engagement felt like pure magic in the morning light.

My sweethearts first met by chance when both being invited out by their separate groups of friends to hang out at the Dallas Bull in Brandon, Florida back in August of 2013.  Seeing Blake across the room, Brittany was too nervous he could have a girlfriend and didn’t approach him even though there was a clear attraction.  Mentioning the cute guy at the bar to her friend Shannon, she didn’t expect what was to come.

Well Shannon took note of his conversation with Brittany and when grabbing a drink at the bar tapped Blake on the shoulder and said that if he didn’t have a girlfriend, the cute blonde across the bar was interested.  Brittany of course did not know that Shannon had approached Blake and about ten minutes after he returned with his drink, Blake came over as well.  The two spent the entire night chatting and it wasn’t long before the began officially dating on September 7th.

For Brittany, she loves who Blake is inside and out.  As she explains, “I love his inner child and how he encourages me to let my inner child out and not be too serious all the time.  He reminds me to be 100% true to myself and not care so much about what others think.”  Truly, Brittany could not imagine life without him and is so grateful to have found ‘the one.’

Blake fell in love with Brittany’s compassion and how caring of a person she is in their relationship and to those around her.  As Blake explains, Brittany “has a huge heart and it is full of empathy… and only wants the best for everyone.  She is genuine and a purely kind human being.”

For some time after dating, Blake knew he had found ‘the one’ as well and in October of 2017 purchased an engagement ring for Brittany.  Planning out his proposal on Christmas Eve of that year, he enlisted the help of both his family and Brittany’s family to prepare the house and ensure everyone would be ready for the big moment.  Blake’s brother assisted getting the group outside by asking to take a group photo to remember the celebration of both families coming together.  Walking out to the dock together, as the sunset slowly disappeared into the water, Brittany kept walking with Blake while the rest of the group held back.  Not realizing that her and Blake were ahead of the group as they reached the end of the dock, as Brittany looked back to only find Blake and also to find him on one knee.  Their families were at the beginning of the dock snapping away on their cameras and recorded the whole moment!  Blake took Brittany’s hand and asked for her to marry him, of which she of course said, “yes!”

Wishing my darlings an amazing journey through wedding planning!

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