Mitzilynn & Jeriko’s Winter Park Engagement

Winter Park Engagement

Mitzilynn and Jeriko met me out at beautiful Mead Gardens in Winter Park for their sweet engagement.  Bringing along a few props, I couldn’t help but laugh at their sign that said “About damn time.”  As you can imagine, this was an indicator of how utterly adorable, sweet, and funny the two are together.

How They Met

Both working in the system side of healthcare, the two met while Mitzi was upgrading computers for a huge go live that they had.  Jeriko was the lead on the hardware side, so inadvertently they had to chat often.  However, while they professionally met in April of 2012, it wasn’t until August of 2012 when their conversations turned from work to a first date request.

Best Friends to a Forever Love

“Best friend” is the term that both Mitzi and Jeriko used to describe one another, as that is what they truly are to one another.  For Jeriko, he explained that it is “the feeling of knowing I have a best friend who has my back no matter what” and that Mitzi is always there for him.  For Mitzi, she loves how Jeriko accepts her son as his own, allows her to be herself (silly and all!), and as she explains, “there is nothing like meeting someone that is not only your best friend, but also the one you choose to spend the rest of your life with.”  I truly believe the foundation of friendship goes hand in hand with a beautiful, lasting love.

Trying to be sly, Jeriko began planning out his proposal to Mitzi, however asking her ring size in random ways wasn’t the best top secret move.  Mitzi explained to me that she knew something was up and eventually he would be asking for her hand in marriage, but she surely did not expect how it all would go down.  Getting her nails down for an upcoming vaca cruise getaway, the appointment went a bit over and after rushing home she found out that their reservation had been cancelled.  Plan B for dinner that night took the two to a restaurant they had wanted to try out for forever at the Contemporary Resort.  While waiting to be seated, they heard the fireworks starting to go off and headed out to watch the show.

A beautiful display, Jeriko turned to Mitzi and asked her what the firework show was called, which she remembered quickly and noted to him that it was the “Happily Ever After” show. A little confused since Jeriko had made the plan B reservation, she thought he should know this little tidbit of info.  Following up his first question with a second, he asked Mitzi if she knew the people behind her.  Now completely confused, Mitzi turned around to be completely shocked with surprise of seeing her closest friends and family, with both of their mothers front and center in the group.  Turning back to Jeriko, she found him on one knee and asked Mitzi, “will you be my Happily Ever After?”  Of course Mitzi said, “yes!” and realized that the plan B was really plan A all along.  The proposal could not have been more magical!

Looking forward to capturing Mitzi and Jeriko tie the knot this coming October at beautiful Leu Gardens!

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