Alexandria & Dylan’s Ever After Farms Blueberry Barn Wedding – Captured by Whitney

Alexandria and Dylan tied the knot at the Ever After Farms Blueberry Barn in Mims, Florida. The couple enjoyed a beautiful ceremony followed by a night of fun and dancing. Congratulations to the happy couple!

The Proposal
It started with a weekend away to Sanibel, FL. On July 20, 2017 Alexandria and Dylan spent their time collecting sea shells, laying out on the beach, and relaxing. On July 22nd; they woke up, the morning started cloudy so they decided to hang out by the pool, had drinks for a few hours and talked about whatever came to mind. Then around 3pm, Dylan said “lets go to dinner”, so Alexandria was like “okay sounds good!” So they got ready to go to the hotel’s restaurant, sat down and ordered food and drinks; next thing she knew Dylan said he forgot his wallet, and rushed back to the room to get it. Keep in mind, at this point, the food has arrived and Alexandria sat there puzzled and eating alone, as Dylan just got up and left, after about 25-30 minutes he came back, and when he returned he was sweating. So she asked if he was okay and was he sweating?  He said that he had a hard time finding his wallet and “didn’t want to ruin dinner”, “okay so be it”  she replied. So they finished dinner and dessert, he paid and asked if she wanted to walk on the beach, the sun was setting, so she said sure. So they walked to an empty spot on the beach where there was a towel just laying there with nobody around. They stopped next to it, she was confused and trying to figure out what he was doing. Next thing she knows he is on one knee and uncovering coke bottles specially made that say “Alex, Will You Marry Me?”. She thinks she froze for a good minute not knowing what to do. Of course once she unfroze and realized what just happened, Alexandria said YES!
Wedding Day Vision
When thinking of their wedding they saw it as being simple with a modern rustic twist. They chose a blueberry farm with a barn for reception, to be decorated with a baby’s breath in a mason jar & succulents for center pieces. The colors were light/ice blue & charcoal grey.


Venue: Ever After Farms

Cake: Sweets by Holly

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