Family Holiday Portraits

Bridal Tips: Family Holiday Portraits

Family Holiday Portraits

Can you believe the holiday season is almost upon us!  For this month’s bridal tips we are tackling our clients’ most asked questions about family portraits.

1. The big question – when should we take our photos?  While November and December are a few months away, the best time to take your family formal portraits are now, yes now!  By taking pictures during September and October, you will have enough time to pick your favorite images, order/print, and mail out your holiday cards to arrive to your family and friends in time.  We all have that one friend whose holiday card arrives about half way through January haha!

Family Holiday Portraits

2. Are you available during the holiday season to take family portraits with our extended family who will be in town?  Absolutely!  While the cards may not go out in time, sometimes it is just so much more important to be able to include everyone visiting.  With our team’s families all in town, we do not leave for the holidays, meaning we are here for you to be able to capture your family portraits during the actual holiday season.

3. What should we wear for a winter inspired look?  Let’s be real – its hot, I mean we do live in Florida haha.  Winter inspiration does not have to come from wearing a heavy down coat or endless layers of sweaters.  Instead, focus on color and pattern.  Deeper colors, such as navy, forest green, violet, and burgundy (among a few) bring out that more wintery vibe.  Another great option is to include pattern, such as plaid, houndstooth, or gingham.  Of course, a scarf is super cute too and one scarf isn’t too hot to wear.

4. Where can we take our family portraits?  Outdoor parks or in home family portraits are always our fav.  We love being able to capture our families in more of a natural setting verses staged against a backdrop.  Being able to walk around, hold hands, and be silly is what its all about!

5. Can we bring our furry family members?  From cats to dogs to horses, we have included so many different animals into family portraits.  We can definitely help with picking a pet friendly location and would love for you to bring furry family member along!

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