Monique & Matt’s Garden Engagement

Monique and Matt met me out at Mead Botanical Garden for their engagement session among the flowers and greenery.  Their vibrant and beautiful personalities truly radiated both on and off camera!

As luck may have it, Matt and Monique met through their place of work.  Matt had walked in for an interview back in May of 2016, of which Monique remembers fondly from when he walked in and smiled at her.  After being hired and brought on board, the two inadvertently worked on projects together and would meet up for lunch to swap stories and take a break from their day.  That constant smile of his drew Monique in and their ease of conversation built what would become the foundation to their relationship.

For Monique and Matt, they both love the same characteristic within one another, which is that they accept and love each other for who they are.  This natural way and acceptance of loving whole-heartedly one another without wanting any change is the soul of their love.

That love grew and grew, and before long Matt knew that he wanted to propose to Monique.  During a weekend trip to visit Monique in Tampa, at the time he was living in New York, they decided to go away for a mini escape to the DoubleTree Hotel in Tampa Bay.  The two had talked about marriage and while visiting the hotel decided to check out the scenery of where one just might take place.  Walking over to the ceremony site, they stopped to look at the sunset coming down.  “Hey hunny,” sparked Monique to turn to Matt from the sunset view and she quickly realized what was in his right hand, an engagement ring!  Monique yelled in excitement as Matt continued with “we’re going to get married here, so I might as well propose here.  Will you marry me, please?”  Of course, Monique said, “yes” and jumped for joy as she started to hug and kiss Matt along with sheer excitement of laughter that evoked from within.  It was most definitely the best getaway that they had ever had together as of yet!

My non-traditional couple is creating a wedding that is personal to them from touches of their birthstone colors to using décor that they just love.  Their best piece of advice for other ‘to be’s’ is to “make it your own, as there’s no need to be ‘traditional’ if you’re not a traditional person.”  Also that if something does not go as planned on your wedding day, which I might add does and will happen, to see it as “what makes your big day unique.”  Looking forward to celebrating with these two this coming May!

Venue: Mead Botanical Gardens

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