Mead Gardens

Mandy & Bradley’s Mead Botanical Garden Engagement

Mandy and Brad met me out at beautiful Mead Gardens in Winter Park for their gorgeous engagement session.  A special place, where the two volunteer in restoring areas of the garden back to natural Florida, along with where they will be tying the knot next year, made for a special start to their wedding journey.

Back in 2018, Mandy first met Brad when he sold her a ticket to the the Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando.  On the second day, the two ran into each other after both being separated from each of their friend groups.  In an attempt to look for their groups together, they inadvertently had the chance to spend the rest of the festival together hanging out, and getting to know one another.  From there, Brad knew he had to see Mandy again and so their story began.

Both falling in love with how goofy each other is, they sing and share the same taste in music from 90s rock to Euro pop.  Mandy also fell in love with Brad’s fond affection for creating the cheesiest songs about their cat, which she is of course is required to listen to when trapped in the car or elsewhere.  As Brad describes their relationship, “we are just really open with each other and we get each other.”

Their shared interests go much further than just music, as both even hiked the Appalachian Trail.  As Mandy had hiked the trail in sections, and Brad the entire length, he knew he wanted to bring her back to his favorite section, Roan Mountain, which borders Tennessee and North Carolina – but for a special reason, to propose!

Planing a three day hiking trip up to Roan, Brad asked Mandy for her hand in marriage when they reached the peak of the mountain.  May 9th solidified the day Mandy wanted to join Brad on their adventure through life by saying “yes!”

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this coming April back at beautiful Mead Botanical Garden!

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