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The Margentino Family

Jennifer and Kayla met me out at Mead Botanical Garden with their gorgeous kiddos Eliana and Wyatt.  Growing up with Jenn, it’s been an incredible journey from photographing her and Kayla’s engagement session, to now their beautiful family.

Born on April 25th of this year, little Wyatt was welcomed into the arms of his mommies and big sister Eliana.  Eliana or Ellie as everyone calls her, has been quite taken with baby brother Wyatt.  Even at a young age of just a year older than him, she has already started enjoying trying to share her food, bank, and toys with Wyatt.

The change from one kiddo to two has definitely been both exciting and exhausting, along with a little chaotic, but worth every moment for Jenn and Kayla.  As Jenn explains, “Wyatt is just beginning to notice the world, while Eliana is off trying to explore it.”

While having two under two can be exhausting, it has truly been the “greatest gift ever” has they explain, in being their moms.  The love they have for their family truly makes each day worth it.

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