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Samantha & Jon’s Leu Gardens Engagement

Summer is here, and I have so been enjoying all of the tropical and floral vibes during our engagement sessions.  My most recent session with Samantha and Jon was truly special, as Sam and I grew up together since we were roughly four years old.  Sam #2 as I lovingly call her, has truly found her soulmate in Jon.

Bumble was the connection that brought Sam and Jon together, or so they thought.  Both having downloaded the app, Sam by choice, and Jon by way of his friend Jo who created a profile for him, swiped right on one another.  Well, Jo saw Sam on the app and showed her to Jon that he should swipe right on her – little did Jon know, Jo happened to know Sam from a running group and would soon have the deets on if she liked him after their first date.

Chatting online, the two met up about a week later for “one beer” that turned in to a three hour date – and on a school night!  Being a teacher, Sam knew there was a spark if she was willing to bypass her 8 PM bedtime routine to stay out a bit later for drinks with Jon.  Bonding over their passion, or more so insane love, for the Miami Dolphins football team, they both knew that a second date would be in store soon.

Letting Sam be herself by not judging her on even her worst days, is truly one of the many characteristics that Sam fell in love with Jon for.  For Jon, he loves how much Sam is willing to pour her heart and soul into her students everyday, relentlessly, and in turn not only how caring she is for them, but also for him.

Now a deep dive into the proposal… but before we began, I need to preface this that when you look up a “picnic” in Sam’s dictionary, you will see a very specific image of a red checkered blanket, a basket, and homemade sandwiches and apps.  Asking Sam to join him on a fun date to the Providence Canyon State Park in Georgia for a picnic, she never guessed Jon was going to propose.  The reason being, when she found out Jon’s idea of a picnic was a cooler with Pub subs (by the way, who doesn’t love Pub subs), she immediately rejected the notion it was a real picnic since it did not meet the standards listed prior.  Good for Jon though, as the proposal was truly a surprise.

Jon’s first two attempts to propose, one at a winery that had closed their tours, and the second planned at a garden but was rained out, led to a third attempt at the state park.  Picking up lunch, Jon through into the cart Cape Cod BBQ Chips as a symbol of where their relationship began to flourish during their first vacation to the beach.  That sweet little token of love led to talking about their relationship as they explored the canyons for a few hours.  At the end of the hike, Jon wanted to keep walking around, but Sam was ready to head out feeling they had explored quite a bit.  A bit confused, she followed Jon’s lead in hiking further on a nature trail and stopping at a lookout point.  Popping the question, Sam of course said yes, and immediately FaceTimed her mom – Amy, of course you had to say “yes” too!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this coming February at Loblolly Rise in Thomasville, Georgia!

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