Florida Sunset Engagement

Katie & Cameron’s Florida Sunset Engagement

Katie and Cameron met me out with their pup Captain for a beautiful sunset engagement in a local orange grove.  The two have an ease about them that feel so natural in photos.  Captain, being the adorable and high energy pup that he is, even posed for a few photos too!

High school childhood friends, the two attended Sebreeze High School in Ormond Beach.  Living around the corner from Katie, the two would ride home together from school and hang out in the park together.  Staying friends for a year after Cameron graduated, the two eventually drifted apart when they headed to college.  While they both attended UF for their undergraduate, it wasn’t until seven years later when Katie headed back to work on her graduate degree that they got back in touch.  With Cameron working three jobs and Katie in graduate school, they had a hard time connecting in person due to their busy schedules.  However, when Cameron invited Katie for drinks on September 18th since she couldn’t make it out for his birthday on the 14th, they were finally able to catch up.  As Katie reminisces, “neither of us were sure if it was a date or not, but… it turned out it was!  We have been dating ever since.”

Little did Cameron know that Katie had a crush on him in high school.  Playing soccer in the park together and spending time as friends as they grew into young adults, that crush stuck with Katie.  Even back in high school, Katie loves how intelligent Cameron is and how he is always challenging her.  Of course, as much as she loves his inner quartiles – his gorgeous blue eyes are another feature that she has loved since high school too.  For Cameron, it is Katie’s thoughtfulness in how she is always looking out for others before putting herself first that he fell in love with.  Taking time for their relationship, their little family including Captain, and their relationships with their friends and family, Katie makes her loved ones a priority.

Well before Katie’s annual family vacation, Cameron had asked her dad to lunch to officially ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  Accidentally spilling the beans to Katie, that he (her dad) was going to lunch with Cameron, Katie knew something was up.  Fast forward to their family vaca, Katie was suer the proposal would be taking place at some point during their stay in Maine.  Having taken several gorgeous hikes throughout the start of their vacation, with no proposal having taken place during the hikes, Katie put it to the back of her mind assuming maybe it would take place another time.  During the planning for another upcoming hike, Kati wanted to catch a sunset that was taking place on top of a mountain, while Cameron suggested a nearby lighthouse.  Winning out due to the sunset taking place before they would have made it up the mountain, Katie accompanied Cameron to the lighthouse.  Small signs – like the gallon water jug in a backpack he brought along and being extra quiet the entire hike due to nervousness – didn’t clue Katie in on what was about to happen!

Stealing Katie away for a moment from her family so they can have time alone, Cameron asked the big question – would she marry him!  Of course, Katie said, “yes!”  While she had guessed where the proposal would be taking place, she hadn’t guessed the when, and that little bit of surprise was absolutely amazing!

Looking forward to capturing Katie and Cameron tie the knot this March at Daytona’s Plaza Resort & Spa!

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