Disney Port Orleans Engagement

Ashlee & Devin’s New Orleans French Quarter Engagement

Ashlee and Devin met me out at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort for their New Orleans inspired engagement. With location up in the air, my sweethearts loved my suggestion of a place that felt like we traveled out of the state.

My darlings story begins with meeting through their mutual friend Courtney who just so happens to be the wife of Devin’s childhood best friend. Going for more of a casual vibe so that they could chat over drinks, the two met up at Duffy’s on March 22nd and totally hit it off! It wasn’t long before they became an item. I must say superb job on Courtney’s end for seeing a duo that was meant to be!

Ashlee loves how Devin can pull her “out of the dark into the light” so that she can see the positive in every negative. Devin loves Ashlee’s smile and how it is, “absolutely contagious.”  He truly cannot help but smile all the time when he is around her.

As their relationship continued to grow, Devin realized that no other girl could make him smile or warm his heart as much as Ashlee. She was the one for him and on May 25th of 2015 it hit Devin hard that he had to make sure she would be his girl for forever. Driving up to Ashlee at 3 AM in the morning to make it to her by 6 AM before her shift began, she found Devin waiting by her car. Completely surprised, she was ecstatic to see him first thing in the morning. As Ashlee reminisces, “he got down on one knee in the middle of the street and said, “I just drove three hours because I couldn’t wait another second to say that I don’t want to take this walk with anyone else. Will you marry me?” and of course Ashlee said yes!”

Wedding planning is such an amazing time, filled with excitement and on occasion a little stress. I love asking my couples what they focus on the most to make sure it is more excitement than stress, and I must say that I just love Devin’s advice. As he explains it, “the best piece of advice is to take your time and everything will fall into place when it is supposed and to make sure you can still live after the wedding is over, and you haven’t spent all you have on one day.” While I am in love with weddings, I completely agree with Devin that your wedding day should be true to the two of you and to not spend just for the sake of spending… spend with purpose and mindfulness.

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at The Powel Crosley Estate this December!

Venue: Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

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