Orlando LDS Temple Wedding

Hannah & Teagan’s LDS Orlando Florida Temple Wedding

Grandeur and pristine, the LDS Orlando Florida Temple was the perfect wedding spot for Hannah and Teagan followed by a reception at Teagan’s family home in Windermere.

Their journey to finding one another began this past summer when they had met during a church retreat. Right from the start the two knew they had something special together. After only two months of dating both Hannah and Teagan would lovingly joke asking one another “what if we get married.” What if we get married soon turned into “when we get married” and then finally “let’s get married.”

Teagan was determined to still surprise Hannah with a marriage proposal even though she knew it was coming. On that special day, Teagan had planned a lot of “almost proposals,” as Hannah puts it, where she was absolutely sure he would pop the question, but instead they would just keep going about their day. Finally, when she wasn’t expecting it anymore, Teagan pulled her into a grass enclave filled with candles and rose petals. Right there where he had been planning all along, he proposed to his wife.

Hannah’s vision of her wedding day came true. The bridesmaids wore gorgeous golden dresses with hints of sparkle, while the groomsmen wore dapper collared shirts with suspenders. The bride’s bouquet was an incredible handmade art piece that she assembled with pastel, earthy tones of fabric and pearls.

Some of my favorite shots began early in the day with Hannah and Teagan raising their hands high together in excitement that they had said their “I do’s” as they walked out of the temple. The grand architecture of the temple can be seen in many of the formal, but fun shots we took throughout the property. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting what would come next.

The two were well, hungry. In a complete shock and excitement I jumped in the car with them and we headed on over to Publix to pick up the most important subs of their life. Okay, well not the most important subs, but it was definitely the most important day of their life. I had a blast photographing the two on their journey through Publix, as they were showered with lots of love from shoppers. The slogan “where shopping is a pleasure” was completely spot on.

After grabbing some subs, we all headed over to Teagan’s mother’s house where she graciously hosted the reception. Tegan’s mom and sisters did an incredible job at putting together their “Love is Sweet” theme. The home was decorated with boutique signs, monogramed water bottles, and gourmet candy and desserts.

The night ended with the two sharing a cupcake, as the celebrated their love with family and friends. Looking forward to seeing these two grow together.

Ceremony Venue – Orlando Florida Temple

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