Hannibal Square Engagement

Caitlyn & Nicholas’ Hannibal Square Engagement

Hannibal Square engagements in Winter Park are always a blast when you have a couple as sweet as Cailtyn Cook and Nicholas Montes.  My duo met me out in the heart of Winter Park in the rose garden to start their engagement session before we adventured around the small town in search of floral and pretty backdrops.

Nicholas first laid eyes on Caitlyn back in 2011 on December 31st when they were both invited to Nick’s sister Elyse’s New Year’s Eve party.  Caitlyn had ended up at the party through a mutual friend’s invite, Megan, who just so happens to also be her Maid of Honor.  Nick knew right away when he saw Caitlyn that there was a spark.  Making his way over to her, the two struck up small chat before he invited her to be his beer pong partner.  Small chat turned into non-stop laughing as the duo attempted to win the game.  The night ended with exchanging of numbers and as Caitlyn describes it, “it was by complete chance that we met, we were in the right place at the right time.”  Fate or luck of the draw, I must say that Caitlyn’s tall, dark, and handsome hubby to be knew that he was not about to let Caitlyn get away.

One of the most difficult questions I ask my couples is what they love most about one another.  That one defining trait that drew you in to the other and bounded your hearts as one.  For Nick, Cailtyn’s resilience is truly, what he loves most.  Her resilience can be seen through keeping her head high and preserving through the trials and tribulations she encounters through life.  As Nick describes his love for Caitlyn, she “gives me peace of mind that as long as she’s by my side we can make it through anything.”

For Caitlyn, it is the way Nick is her “rock.”  His funny, outgoing, fun-loving, and smart personality along with his kind-hearted nature in going out of his way to make people happy and genuinely caring about others succeed, are the traits that Caitlyn fell in love with.

Knowing that Caitlyn was the girl for him, he planned an elaborate proposal day that would surely fool Caitlyn from expecting anything was up.  Caitlyn is a busy bee and operates on a very strict schedule.  Knowing this, Nick made up an elaborate story about his friend coming into town and last minute dinner plans.  Spending the morning together playing Pokemon GO, the two killed time having fun before dinner that evening.  Finally freshening up, meeting up with Nick’s sister Julia, and making their way to their favorite restaurant in Winter Park, Boi Brazil Churrascaria, the group was ready for a beautiful dinner with Julia and Nick’s “mutual friend.”  Well this friend randomly called Julia last minute stating that he could not come.  Later on Caitlyn found out that the friend was non-existent, but just a hoax to ensure Caitlyn would be free schedule wise for the dinner date.

Sitting by the window for a lovely view of downtown Winter Park, Nick’s plans went a little askew when the violinist and cellist could not find the restaurant.  The view turned into an almost sabotaging moment, but the musicians finally found their way and Nick stalled with delicious crème brulee desserts, Caitlyn’s favorite!

Walking up their table and playing “Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog, Caitlyn immediately overcame with emotion when she realized what the moment really was.  Dropping to one knee, Nick told her how much he loved her and it was time to “lock her down” followed by asking for her hand in marriage.  Of course, the irony of it all was that Caitlyn didn’t even realize the crème brulee had the ring sitting on top of it until Julia, who was brought along to be a part of the magical moment and of course capture it all on film, shouted, “put the ring on!”

When chatting with my couples about the vision of their wedding day, I cannot help but echo the piece of advice Caitlyn and Nick have for other newlyweds to be, which is “everyone like to GIVE a lot of opinions when it comes to planning the wedding, but I’ve found that you have to remember that it’s YOUR big day.  Make it unique to the two of you, don’t agree to things you don’t really want to do, and in the end you’ll be happy with everything.”

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at the Tavares Pavilion on the Lake this coming February!

Venue: Hannibal Square

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