Ebony & Christopher’s Harry P Leu Gardens Engagement – Captured by Lori

Ebony and Christopher celebrated their love with an engagement session at Harry P Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida. Good luck to these two lovebirds!

How They Met

I had a work assignment in Sarasota, Fl. I was two weeks away from my last day, went shopping and we were passing in the parking lot. He stopped me and we talked briefly. I asked him his age and he hesitated thinking he was to old for me  (I’m older)lol, but he was honest about about it……that worked in his favor. A few days later he took me to dinner and we talked at the beach. we talked a lot for two weeks and I relocated to Burlington, Vermont. After a few phone calls, and  returning to Florida to work, which I vowed never to return, we decided to meet and and we never stopped meeting, it has been a nice, peaceful and healthy 2 years 6 months.

Love For Each Other

I love that he is responsible, cares about my health and wellbeing. Not just for now but my best interest for the future. That he loves his family, he shows it in how he treats them. He communicates about everything,  we share our thoughts and expectations. He loves that I listen to him and let him lead. That I love his family like my own. We are best friends.

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