Calrie & Norman’s Harry P Leu Gardens Engagement – Captured by Jacob

Calrie and Norman explored the gorgeous Harry P. Leu Gardens to show off their love for each other. This special couple has a very deep connection to each other and we can’t wait to see where marriage takes these two!

How They Met

The couple was introduced by Uncle Mike (Norman’s Uncle) and his wife Julie (Calrie’s friend of about 15 years) in early July 2019.  They initially talked on the phone and then met in person on July 30th for a very informal chat over tea. They spent about an hour and a half on the phone during that first phone call and let’s just say their tea got very cold by the end of their first meeting.  They had their first date the following Saturday and the rest is history….Calrie and Norman have been having long and meaningful conversations since!

See their story on their website:

Love for Each Other

Calrie and Norman both have easy going natures in their approach to their relationship. Calrie loves that they share the same values on God, family, and finances. They both know that there is nothing they cannot talk to each other about or share from the mundane or trivial to the deep and profoundly serious.

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