Harry Potter Wedding

Andrea & Tom’s Harry Potter Wedding

Harry Potter Wedding

The magic of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter could definitely be felt during Andrea and Tom’s Harry Potter wedding.  A destination wedding, the two tied the knot at the iconic Universal globe and afterwards headed inside as a family for their formal portraits throughout Diagon Alley.

First Date at a Coffee Shop

Having met six years ago, with their first date at a local coffee shop, Tom came into Andrea and Kylynn’s lives.  It is impossible to manufacture or imitate love, and truly their love for one another was fate.  Complementing differences between the two are what they love most about one another, along with their passion for many of the same interests, such as you guessed it Harry Potter!  Striving to enjoy every moment of life, the two have realized that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.  Truly, both bring so much light to the heart of the other.

A Sweet Engagement

On November 18 of 2016, Tom brought home a big heart shaped box of chocolates.  Sitting inside the box was a gently placed ring in the center, which Andrea saw the moment she walked through the door.  The ring, and of course man, of her dreams, Andrea immediately began crying happy tears as she said “yes” to Tom’s proposal!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Wedding

Envisioning an intimate destination elopement, the two traveled to Orlando to tie the knot at the Universal globe.  Wedding day started off early in the morning by greeting our couple and Andrea’s daughter Kylynn in their hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel.  After capturing details and getting ready, we brought Tom down for a an impromptu first look.  It was the perfect last minute add-in to bring Tom out of the room so Andrea could put on her dress without him seeing it.  As Andrea walked down the stairs, Tom truly could not have had a larger smile grace his face seeing her.  After a beautiful family moment, we headed off to the Universal globe for their wedding ceremony.

Universal Globe Wedding Ceremony

A favorite spot of Tom’s the globe was a pretty spectacular wedding ceremony location due to how iconic it is to the parks.  It must have been fate, as we ran into the creative director for Universal, who offered to push the top secret button for us so that the globe would stop at the perfect moment to see the entire “Universal” writing and remain stopped for the ceremony.  I mean, it’s sort of exciting, isn’t it breaking the rules?

After sharing vows, and a beautiful ceremony filled with Harry Potter inspiration, the two shared their first kiss and sealed the deal until the very end as officially becoming Mr. and Mrs.!

Riding Around on our Broomsticks

Venturing into Universal, we stopped off in the Downtown New York area (a fav spot of Andreas!) before our prime destination of Diagon Alley. From the Sweet Shop to the Castle, it was truly an amazing journey in capturing magical portraits of our couple!

Wishing my sweethearts to remember that they should always remember that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Ps. we have incorporated several Harry Potter quotes into our love story; can you find them all?


Venue: Universal Studios

Hotel: Hard Rock Hotel

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