Honeymoon Planning

Bridal Tips: Honeymoon Planning

Let’s be real – honeymoon planning is definitely one of the most exciting things to plan during your wedding.  I love finding out where my couples are traveling and what tips they kept in mind when planning.  Here are a few of the latest questions and tips we have had from our amazing couples:

1. Credit Card Points by Danielle – my bride Danielle and her hubby to be Ian had a great suggestion to open a credit card specifically for wedding day purchases.  Many credit cards are offering 1% back on purchases and another 1% back on payments, travel discounts for reward points, or hotel stays.  Using the money back and/or points towards travel and hotel stays could possibly cover a pretty big portion of your honeymoon if not the whole thing.  Consult with your financial advisor for more information.

2. Passport by Agatha – traveling to Europe, my bride Agatha and her hubby to be Jim planned ahead by at least six months from the date of their wedding when ordering passports.  Allow for enough time for your passports arrive so you do not have to pay additional expediting fees.

3. Camera Equipment by Katie – my bride Katie and her now hubby Kyle reached out to me about what lens they should look at purchasing for their trip to Japan.  Two recommendations included an all in one zoom that would allow for close up pictures and far away, or a 50mm which is a great starter lens that isn’t too bulky to carry.

4. All Inclusive Options by Rachel – my bride Rachel and her husband Andy planned for an all inclusive cruise wedding.  By picking an all inclusive honeymoon, the two didn’t have to worry about planning anything except for of course what cute bikinis to bring aboard.

5. Be Adventurous by Vanessa – my bride Vanessa and her hubby to be Robert recommended planning a few adventurous excursions when you are on your honeymoon.  Day trips are a great way to see a different location or experience a new activity.

6. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie “White” Bikini by Melanie – my bride Melanie and her now hubby Alex started the search for white bikinis and white outfits way ahead of their honeymoon so she could find adorable pieces verses settling last minute.

Honeymoon Planning

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