Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Wedding

Ivey & Bradley’s Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Wedding

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Wedding

Ivey and Bradley tied the knot during their Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress wedding in Orlando, Florida.  The two envisioned a day filled with their friends and family that would be absolutely fun, elegant, and revel in the love the have for one another.

An introduction to ASL class or just an excuse to see her again…

As fate may have it, Ivey met Bradley by chance when dining out at his family’s restaurant.  Catching one another’s eye immediately, the two were contacted through a mutual friend who was with Ivey.  Later that evening, their friend had a little get together where Ivey and Bradley were able to get to know one another in a more quiet setting among friends.  Late into the evening the group swam and enjoyed their time having fun.  Being the gentleman that he is, Bradley offered to take Ivey home and made sure she was in safely before driving off.

Realizing their connection was more than just a one time chance encounter, Bradley invited Ivey out to the restaurant again to attend free ASL classes that he was offering.  Which, I must say did not exist until Ivey came along.  During reception entrance toasts, we found out that Bradley’s friend had suggested the idea to him so that he could see Ivey again.  Well as luck may have it, Ivey wanted to see Bradley again too, and accepted to take part in the free classes.  Getting to know one another over the next few months, dating soon ensued, and four years going on forever they have been together ever since!

Proposal in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

During a mini getaway to Steamboat Springs, Colorado on the very last day of their vacation, Bradley proposed to Ivey.  Wanting to ensure his proposal was unexpected, he waited until the very last day and asked Ivey if she wanted to grab coffee before they headed off to start their last day of their trip.  Taking him up on the offer, the two grabbed a coffee and after decided to ride one last time on the gondola which was located right by the coffee shop.  Departing from the ride, Bradley took Ivey to a quiet area overlooking the entire town, which had by far the best view of their trip – and soon to be most memorable moment as well!

Getting down on one knee in the snow, Bradley exclaimed to Ivey, “I want to be with you forever.  Will you marry me?”  Of course, Ivey said, “YES!”

Wedding Day at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

Fast forward to their wedding day, I couldn’t have been more excited to see my couple again since their engagement.  Ivey and Bradley are so go with the flow and truly just wanted to enjoy every moment of their big day.  While waiting on the final few of the guys to arrive for Bradley’s getting ready time, we started off with Ivey’s details and adorable robe shots with her and her girls.  With some down time of the girls needing to get in their dresses and Bradley’s group ready to begin, we set off to capture our groom and his groomsmen putting on jackets.  Last touches of getting ready included Ivey putting on her dress and bridal portraits, before we were all off to prepare for our couples first look.

One of my absolute favorite spots, the lantern lit terrace was just the perfect location for Ivey and Bradley’s backdrop to their first look.  Walking up to Bradley, Ivey was absolutely glowing.  Holding back the tears, the two held and kissed one another during their moment alone before we brought in the rest of their bridal party.  Knocking out bridal party portraits of Ivey and her girls, and Bradley and his guys, gave our couple time back during their cocktail hour to enjoy some additional alone time together.  My favorite portrait though of all during this time, was of Ivey, Bradley, and Ivey’s daughter Peyton.

Wrapping up formal portraits, we followed Shari, Ivey’s coordinator, to our couple’s tented ceremony location overlooking the water and grandeur of the hotel.  Two bible verses were read by Ivey’s cousin and nephew that discussed the importance of love and faith.  With vows shared, a first kiss sealing the deal, we cheered our couple along with their friends and family congratulating them in officially becoming Mr. and Mrs.

After family formal portraits back at the ceremony location, we headed off to the reception ballroom.  Half enclosed by floor to ceiling glass walls, Ivey and Bradley’s ballroom was simply spectacular.  Reception entrances, followed by formal dances and toasts, opened the night and gave way to dining and dancing.  Truly a spectacular night with the most amazing couple!

Wishing Ivey and Bradley, and little Peyton!, a beautiful life together!


Venue: Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

Floral: Kissimmee Florist

Coordinators: Shari Haushalter & Kaitlyn Kleniec

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