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Kara & Curtis’ Jacksonville Sunset Engagement

Sunset engagements are just so beautiful and when Kara and Curtis specifically requested one, I was over the moon with excitement. The two met me out at a beautiful Florida orange grove where the sun setting creates the most beautiful pink, purple, and blue sunsets.

My sweet couple actually met through a mutual friend in college. Kara’s friend’s boyfriend was in the same fraternity of as Curtis and they in turn hung out all the time together as a group. Kara at the time enjoyed spending time with the group, but wasn’t quite interested in dating a frat brother. However, her friend kept telling her what an incredible guy Curtis was and after one date the two were inseparable.

I always love asking my couples about what they love most about each other. Kara was speaking with Curtis one night about my question and he was a non-stop jokester, but surprised her with the most endearing note about why he loves her the next morning, “I love you because you’re beautiful inside and out and sincere. I completely trust you with my heart because you are today still the same woman I fell in love with 4 years ago. Loving you in easy and you love me for exactly who I am as well. I don’t have to act like I’m anything other than the way I am and I’m completely comfortable being myself around you… You have truly become my best friend and life without you wouldn’t be much of a life at all.” Okay – seriously are you not crying right now, because I am tearing up like no tomorrow!

Kara loves how smart and compassionate Curtis is in addition to be in the most giving and selfless person she knows. He has such a big heart and always encourages Kara to be better in life. Kara truly looks up to him and the way he is so incredibly positive about life.

Curtis, being the romantic that he is, planned out a beautiful proposal at the Friendship Fountain. Bringing his beloved to the sweet fountain, Curtis dropped to one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Kara of course said yes! Kara reminisces that she was completely oblivious to the fact that Curtis was wearing a suit and that their friends and family were watching from a nearby hotel balcony that Curtis had reserved. Right after their engagement, the two went up to the hotel room, where Curtis had planned out a celebration party!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this October!Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-1 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-2 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-9 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-10 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-11 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-4Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-6 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-8 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-14 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-18 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-5 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-12 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-3 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-13 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-15 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-16 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-17 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-19 Tampa-Engagement-Session-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-20



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