Paige & Dominic’s Kelly Springs Engagement

Paige and Dominic met me out at Kelly Springs for their Florida spring inspired engagement.  The two color coordinated in marigold orange and fun prints.  I love how the pop of color against the changing colors of the leaves works so perfectly!

Back in September of 2012, Paige’s friend invited her to tag along for her boyfriends hockey game.  Little did Paige know that she would also meet her friend’s boyfriend’s best friend Dominic who also played hockey for the team.  After Dominic scored the first goal, Paige definitely took notice of the handsome guy.  After the game the group headed to Beef O’ Brady’s for a bite to eat, which also led into Dominic and Paige getting to meet one another off the rink.  Exchanging numbers before they left the restaurant, Dominic texted Paige that night about meeting up just one on one. The two would go on dates and talk for hours at night, but it wasn’t official until one very special car ride on October 23rd.  While driving along, Dominic asked Paige to change the CD in his car.  Pulling out the CD, Paige realized written on it was “Paige, will you be my girlfriend?” and the two were official from that point on!

Paige’s kindness is Dominic’s favorite attribute of her character.  From volunteering at community events, to willingness to help others, Paige truly cares for Dominic and those around her.  Of course, he also noted that just as beautiful as she is on the inside, she is on the outside, and has the most gorgeous eyes he has ever seen.  As Dominic explains, Paige “is my best friend and the love of my life and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her by my side.”

From the way Dominic is supportive to his selflessness, Paige loves how Dominic is everything she had ever wanted in her forever.  He helped push her to move forward with her dream of nursing school and would do anything for her to succeed from late night studying to helping her overcome challenges.  Dominic would give the shirt off his back for a stranger and his last dollar if they needed it.  He truly cares about seeing those around him succeed in life.

Fast forward four years later, Dominic and Paige met up with Dominic’s parents and their friends to see the Tampa Bay Lightning play the Philadelphia Flyers.  Before the game, the two were across the street at Fergs when Paige asked Dominic to hold her phone and went to put it in his pocket.  Dominic jumped back and said no, which completely confused Paige and made her ask several times throughout the game what he was hiding in his pocket.  Of course, Dominic played it off that it was just a phone charger and he didn’t have room for her phone.  During the second intermission, Dominic asked Paige to go up with him to the party deck to meet some friends and take a picture with the Tampa skyline in the background.  With a few pictures taken, the next thing Paige knew was Dominic was down on one knee with a ring box in his had.  The ring box had come from the same pocket he she almost put her phone in and would have totally spoiled the surprise!  Dominic proceeded to ask, “Paige will you marry me?” and of course she said, “yes!”

Time and time again, I am hearing from my couples the same best piece of advice which is to not rush your engagement!  By taking the time to prioritize what meant the most to you and having a longer engagement, you will find you get the best pick of vendors, venues, and everything at the top of your list!

Venue: Kelly Park

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