Lake Louisa Engagement

Alexandria & Dylan’s Lake Louisa Engagement – Captured by Whitney

Alexandria and Dylan will soon be tying the knot, but in the meantime celebrated with a gorgeous Lake Louisa engagement!

How They Met

We have known each other since middle school as we both attended the same school. We talked on occasion, didn’t have classes together, and never truly became friends until our senior year of high school. We shared the same English class and would have our daily conversations on just about anything going on before class begun. We both were in our own separate relationships at the time so the thought of us didn’t come about until later. We were in the spring semester of our first years of college, and on 04/20/2016; Dylan decided he was going to “Slide into the DMs” and ask how have I been; which I was quick to reply with the same question but he immediately said “I asked you first”. After some catching up, he decided to ask if I was interested in coming out with him and his step brother who I knew as well to go bowling at Strikers (a local bowling alley we both have gone to over a dozen times). I agreed and I think he was surprised I accepted, but we proceeded to meet there and had a great time.

What They Love Most

Dylan =aAbout Alexandria: Alex has been thrown so many different obstacles in front of her that I can say many will succumb to the stress and will give up, she never has and the fire in her always allows her to keep moving forward – Dylan.

Alexandria about Dylan: Dylan is my bestfriend he is always there when I need him, he is the most loving, caring and funny person. My SUPERHERO!

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