Lake Louisa State Park

Francin & William’s Lake Louisa State Park Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Lake Louisa State Park Engagement

Francin and Will met me out at Lake Louisa for their darling engagement session.  I was so excited to finally meet my couple in person and enjoyed every minute that I got to spend with them capturing their love!

A chance encounter…

Having met online through mutual friends, the two were not quite looking per say for anything serious at the time.  Of course, that was when fate intervened.  Will had just got out of the military and Francin had begun nursing school.  After connecting online, they kept in touch and while Will lived about an hour and a half away, they made it work.  In November, Will moved to be closer to Francin which was when their relationship blossomed even further.

Blending Families

Falling in love with Will’s patience, Francin appreciated his understanding in her pursuit of her studies through the late nights and long days.  Additionally Francin explained that my family and his have very different cultures and it took us a while to find the perfect balance in between.  He became part of the family and is so open-minded about our customs and traditions, coming from a Filipino family.  He doesn’t just love me, he loves my brother, sister, and parents.”  Truly what more could you ask for in a partner!  For Will, he fell in love with how he can just be himself around Francin.  She accepts and appreciates the experiences he has been through and never judges.  As Will explained, “I love how Francin takes care of me, always making sure that I take care of myself.  She taught me the importance of self-care.  During the times when I have felt defeated, she never left my side through everything and motivated me no matter what.”

A not so picture proposal that was perfect in every way!

My sweethearts proposal wasn’t “picture perfect” as Francin explains, but it was the most thoughtful.  During a stressful week at work, being a new nurse and adapting to a new hospital, Will surprised Francin at seven in the morning with matching Disney t-shirts and a surprise day out.  Of course she figured out pretty quickly they would be heading to Disney World.  Entering the park, Will’s first challenge to proposing was how hot the day was, along with their ferry breaking down.  While stressful, it eventually got back up and going and the two were able to enter the park.  Tired from the stress of her prior day at work, the heat, and getting stuck on the ferry, Francin turned to Will to find him in tears.  Very confused as he is not very emotional as Francin explained, she pepped up and wanted to make a beautiful day of what he had planned.  Putting aside her stress, the two entered the park.  Asking to take a picture with her in front of the castle, the two walked up to the picture point when it was their turn, which was when Francin noticed everyone begin to clap and cheer around them.  Turning to Will, she was completely in shock to find him kneeling with ring in hand.  Of course, Francin said “yes!” and the two enjoyed their day together in the park.

Looking forward to our team capturing Francin and Will tie the knot this coming March at beautiful Bok Tower Gardens!

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