Lake Mary Events Center Wedding

Celeste & Alan’s Lake Mary Events Center Wedding

Celeste and Alan tied the knot during their daytime beautiful wedding at the Lake Mary Events Center, located in the heart of Lake Mary, Florida. You may remember my two sweethearts from their outdoorsy engagement session at Wekiva Island in Longwood. Celeste and Alan actually met back in 2012 on a blind date! I have to admit I would be so incredibly nervous to go on a blind date, but it just goes to show how good of a connection their matchmaker friends knew they would have when setting the two up.

At first site, Alan knew he was in love. Celeste has stunningly gorgeous red hair that is just as beautiful as her personality. The two had met at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando and spent hours talking while walking around the lake. One blind date turned into many more dates and shortly after the two were absolutely inseparable!

On their second year anniversary of when they had first met, the two decided to celebrate at a hotel on the beach. After finishing up a lovely dinner, Alan blindfolded Celeste and asked her to only take it off once she heard music playing (seriously how romantic!). The silence of excitement was almost deafening until Celeste heard a little tune playing. She slowly took off her blindfold and was completely surprised to find her darling Alan on one knee with a music box in hand. Inside the box was a stunningly beautiful ring and a slide show of pictures. Of course Celeste said “yes” and the wedding planning began!

The two envisioned a day filled with family and friends. Celeste loves the color lavender and tied it in to Alan’s classic taste to bring an elegance to their wedding theme. From roses to lace, their poetic wedding was beautiful filled with classic touches. Their ceremony was captivatingly beautiful overlooking Crystal Lake in the atrium. One of my favorite moments of their day though, was Celeste’s Maid of Honor speech. Dolly and Celeste have been best friends for some time and hearing Dolly discuss the commitment and love that Celeste and Alan have for one another brought tears to my eyes.

Our day ended with a little bit of dancing and a whole lot of love. The two made their grand exit running through the cheering tunnel of friends and family that waived them goodbye. Wishing these two an incredible life together!

Venue: Lake Mary Events Center

DJ: DJ Billman Disc Jockeys & Productions

Officiant: Once Upon A Wedding

Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Rings: Helzberg Diamonds

Rentals: Brass Pin Linen

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