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Alicia & John Michael’s Bok Tower Engagement

Bok Tower Engagement

Alicia and John Michael met me out in Lake Wales for their stunning Bok Tower engagement.  Going on a little bit of an adventure, we explored the gardens and stopped along the way at beautiful picturesque background.  I just love the navy contrast of my sweethearts’ attire against the vibrant green foliage backdrops.

The Cute Intern

My couple’s story began while John Michael was interning at the school Alicia was teaching at.  While they saw one another often in the halls and during the lunch hour, the two didn’t connect until the following year when John Michael was hired.  During a Friday night teacher meetup, John Michael had the opportunity to get to know Alicia a bit better when paired up on a team for trivia.  While she may not have known much about major league baseball teams, John Michael knew that there was a spark and pursued it!

Falling in love with how funny John Michael is, Alicia describes that he can always put a smile on her face, along with being her best friend.  For John Michael, he loves that Alicia loves him for how silly he is and that he can truly just be himself around her.  As John Michael dotes, Alicia’s “my rock, my joy, and I couldn’t live without her.”

Boardgames anyone?

Having caught the love bug, John Michael knew since their one year anniversary he had found ‘the one.’  Starting on the proposal journey, he began looking for rings and found the perfect one on Bluenile.  However, since the ring was online with no brick and mortar stores in the area, he had to have it shipped, but where to – he couldn’t have it sent to their home as Alicia might see it.  Enlisting the help of Alicia’s cousin, he had it shipped to her office where she signed for it.  While Alicia was getting her hair done a few weeks later, John Michael headed out and picked up the ring from her cousin.  Deciding to propose on Christmas, John Michael waited for the perfect moment where Alicia would not see what was coming!

During Alicia’s family’s annual gift exchange, everyone was grabbing and exchanging gifts from under the tree.  As the commotion died down, John Michael stood up and thanked everyone for their love and support, along with noting there was one last gift under the tree.  Handing Alicia a wrapped gift, she opened it to find a three board game with a man, a woman, and a dog board game piece inside that representation their family.  In the middle of the three sat a ring and a phrase that read, “Can we board game forever?”  As John reminisces, “seeing the sparkle in Alicia’s eyes made me fall in love with her even more!  Avid lovers and collectors of board games, it was the perfect proposal and of course Alicia said, “yes!”

Looking forward to capturing Alicia and John Michael’s big day at St. Paul’s Catholic Church and celebrating at the Italian Club afterwards a the beautiful Italian Club in Tampa, Florida this coming June!

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