Lakeland Engagement

Auliya & Jeremy’s Lake Louisa Engagement

Lake Louisa Engagement

Auliya and Jeremy met me out at beautiful Lake Louisa for their stunning engagement session.  The light in the morning felt like pure perfection as it trickled in through the trees and down on my couple.  A natural chemistry together, it made for a stunning session!

From Colleagues to Romance

It is incredible to think back to when Auliya and Jeremy first met, which just so happened to be at work. They became friends overtime after working together for awhile.  As their friendship began to deepen in other ways of attraction, so did their connection.  Realizing that there was something between them, something special, it just happened almost instantly that they saw one another in a whole new way.  As Auliya explains, “if we would have known how deeply we would fall in love, we certainly would have done it sooner.”

Jeremy has truly became Auliya’s best friend, and she loves how he is always up for an adventure.  As Auliya explains, “everything is just better when we get to do it together.”  For Jeremy, it is the way that she makes him feel about himself, and of course how she is just the perfect partner in life.

A Proposal to Kick Off their Adventure

Fast forward to their trip to Iceland of this year, Jeremy knew he wanted to start their trip out with a moment they will never forget.  While stopping in New York City for a planned two day layover before continuing their journey on, the two went out one of the nights to Gallaghers Steakhouse.  Planning out his proposal, Jeremy knew that he wanted to be able to bring Auliya back to where their forever began again and again in their future together.  After a beautiful meal and day out in the city, Jeremy asked for Auliya’s hand in marriage.  She of course, said “yes!” and the two celebrated further enjoying their adventure abroad.

I am so looking forward to seeing Auliya and Jeremy again for their wedding at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress this coming April!

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