LDS Orlando Florida Temple Wedding

Alexandra and Jake’s LDS Orlando Florida Template Bridal Portraits – Orlando Photographer

Alexandra Hauter and Jake Long tied the knot during their sealing at the LDS Orlando Florida Temple in Windermere, Florida. Prior to their sealing my ‘soon to be’s’ had a sneak peek bridal session of Jake seeing Alexandra in her gown. From their night time bridal session to their daytime sealing, the two were nothing but glamorous!

My darlings actually met in Tallahassee back in 2013 after Jake had completed a mission with his church. Since he had just come back to town, a good friend of his wanted to introduce him to the new 5th Ward, which was a local LDS young singles group. From the group he was introduced to Alex at a meet up at their apartment. There Jake first locked eyes with Alex while she was lounging on the couch eating frozen berries. True to fashion, he teased her about her choice of dinner and stole a bunch of them while snacking on the couch with her.

Their friendship began through taking part in activities at church and Jake offering to give her rides home. It wasn’t long before dating ensued and three years later they have become one another’s best friend. Jake just adores how much Alex is always thinking of others. As he describes it, “she always goes out of her way to help others and make people happy.” Oh of course he also added, “also, she’s super duper hot!” Alex loves how much Jake values the people in his life and is always seeking to make them happy. From putting his family and faith first to genuinely finding his happiness in helping others find theirs, Jake is nothing but genuine. Most importantly though as Alex describes it, “in spite of these incredible attributes and a billion more, Jake is humble. He doesn’t brag about his achievements or ever try to make people fell ‘less than.’”

I just had to know how Jake proposed! Surprising Alex with a couple’s shoot of the two of them, my sweethearts set out for Tifton, GA to meet up with a local photographer for photos together. During the last stop on their shoot, Jake knew it was time. Standing on a quaint deck overlooking a stunning lake view, the two hugged tight while smiling for the camera. It was the perfect moment for Jake to drop to one knee and propose, all while having it caught on camera! Of course Alex said “yes”!

Wishing these two an incredible journey through life together as Mr. and Mrs. Long!


Ceremony Venue – Lds Orlando Temple

Bridal Portraits

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