Leu Gardens Engagement

Sherri & Michael’s Elegant Leu Gardens Engagement

Leu Gardens Engagement

Sherri and Michael met me out in the heart of Orlando at Leu Gardens for an elegant outdoor engagement session among the gorgeous foliage that the park has to offer.  Tying the knot at Banyan Resort in Malabar this December, the two loved the classic look of Leu that is right in line with their historic wedding venue.

How They Met

The two met by chance in their small town of Vero while both attending the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network during a luncheon.  Walking in that day, Michael would never have guessed that his future awaited him right at the end of the room.  Year after year, the luncheons tend to be the same group of familiar faces, but this time Sherri was in attendance.  As Michael recalls, “upon entering Dockside, I immediately noticed a young woman across the room that I had never seen before.  Having grown up in Vero and having been to so many luncheons, I was surprised that I had never met this beautiful girl across the room.”  Making his way over to Sherri to introduce himself and to hopefully take a seat close by, he found the one next to her occupied.  Quick on his feet, he suggested to the occupant in the seat that she might want to move up for a better view of the presentation and secured the golden seat next to Sherri.  Introductions shortly followed with a brief conversation about where they worked, however the presentation took up the majority of time not allowing for Michael to make his move.  Leaving the lunch that day, Michael had hoped he would not have to wait too long to see Sherri once again.

What They Love Most

While it was love at first sight, Michael also fell in love with how much love Sherri has for her family.  Her love and kindness for others is abundant.  For Sherri, she fell in love with Michael’s kindness and how he has the “best heart.”

The Proposal

Michael knew from the beginning that Sherri would be a part of his future and after dating for a little bit planned out his proposal to Sherri.  Asking her to brunch for New Year’s Eve, he wanted to start their year off with a bang.  Unfortunately though Michael woke up in pretty bad shape with a severe cold, but wouldn’t let that damper the special day he had planned.  The two met for brunch and after (with a little convincing by Sherri) headed off to CVS for some medicine.  Sherri he insisted that he rest, but only after agreeing to Michael that they would meet back up later at 5:00 PM for dinner.

Feeling a bit better, Michael was ready for the rest of the special day he had planned.  Hopping into the car, the two drove to Dockside where the first met.  The restaurant was under construction at the time, but Michael insisted Sherri come within him inside.  Completely confused and inquisitive, Sherri followed Michael into the restaurant as he unlocked the door.  To Sherri’s excitement, she was utterly surprised by a little makeshift table set up where they first met in the room graced with a bouquet of flowers.  Music filled every inch of the room from the songs playing during their last New Year’s Eve when Sherri first told Michael she loved him.  The moment was perfect, from the endearing sentiments to the incredible effort Michael put into each and every detail.

Dropping to one knee, Michael asked for Sherri’s hand in marriage and of course she said, “yes!”  What makes the moment even more magical, it was all caught on camera by Sherri’s sister who popped out of the corner to grab the shot of a moment that would last a lifetime.

As they venture into their wedding planning, the two continue to focus on the meaning of a wedding, as two become a united one.  Their first time seeing one another down the aisle will be a magical moment and owed to the music played at their proposal by the harpist they will be including in their ceremony.  Looking forward to seeing my darlings this December and being a part of capturing such an amazing love story!

Ps. Don’t forget to check out their gorgeous wedding here!


Venue: Leu Gardens

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