Kaylene & Alejandro’s Engagement at Leu Gardens – Captured by Amy

Kaylene and Alejandro had their engagement session at the lovely Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida. The tropical Florida landscape and historical home provided a beautiful background for their session.

The couple will be tying the knot soon at Ever After Farms!

How They Met

This pair met eight years ago when they were in technical school for the Air Force. They became best friends and hung out all the time until their deployment schedules were opposite and they fell out of touch. Then Kaylene moved jobs, but a year later Alejandro walked into the squadron, and the pair hit it off again. This was about three years ago and they started dating shortly after that.

Love for Each Other

Kaylene and Alejandro love that they are each other’s best friends. Everything with them just feels so easy and natural. They can be themselves around each other with no judgement, and they really try to understand each other more every day. The couple has grown up so much over the past eight years and realize how lucky they are to have someone who will stand by the other no matter what. They have so much fun together and continue to grow and mature together.

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