Leu Gardens Engagement

Kailey & Cole’s Leu Gardens Engagement – Captured by Lori

Kailey and Cole had a gorgeous engagement at Leu Gardens in Winter Park!

How They Met

We grew up less than an hour apart in Central Illinois but didn’t know each other at all.  After college, both of us moved to Chicago suburbs and still, our paths didn’t cross.  When we were 24, both of us had decide to join a dating app just to meet some new people in the area.  After talking for a few weeks, we both decided it was time to finally meet each other!  And we are both so happy we did, because we were inseparable from the first date. Almost 4 years later, a house, a dog and now a wedding coming up, we are happy we took that leap to meet each other.

Love For Each Other

Cole isn’t one to share much emotion, but one thing he loves about Kailey is she is loving and understanding. Even though he might not appreciate it at the time, she tries to help push him out of his comfort zone and try new things and go new places.

Kailey loves that Cole is such a compliment to her. He calms her when shes worked up, he supports every crazy idea she has, but he also helps her grounded when her head might be in the clouds.

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