Allison & Chris’ Leu Gardens Engagement

Allison and Chris met me out in Winter Park at beautiful Leu Gardens for their darling engagement.  The two will be tying the knot this November at Cross Creek Ranch located in Dover, Florida.  The gorgeous greenery, pastel roses, and other florals set the tone for a romantic session.

It seems like time has flew by the two first met.  Both working at the time in Downtown Disney at a restaurant, it took a little bit for them to strike up a conversation.  Outgoing and bubbly, Allison found herself rather nervous around Chris and would become a bit shy every time they passed one another.  Laughing about it now, the two still cannot believe how having the feeling that you found your soul mate can turn you into a completely different person around them.  As Allison explains, “I am one that totally believes in soul mates and believes your person is your person in each life you live.  You may get lucky and find them at a young age in one life and maybe find them when you are old in the next.  Either way you find them, and when you bump into them… you just know.”  The feeling was the feeling she had when she first saw Chris, and of course to this day.

Chris of course believes in finding ‘your person’ just like Allison and for him, he has most certainly found it in her.  The bond they share is unlike anything else he has experienced in life and love.  From her compassionate soul to loving heart, Allison “holds everybody else’s feelings and interest above her own.  She’s definitely one of a kind” as Chris explains.  For Allison, Chris’ “attention to detail” is what she loves most about him.  The way he cares about her in ensuring that each and every moment together is beautiful and lived to the fullest is unrelenting.  Creating special date nights underneath the stars to watch a movie, and going the extra detailed mile to string lights, make popcorn, and making sure Allison knows how loved she is brings Chris so much joy.  He takes the time to include her family, which she is very close too, during all of the important moments from his proposal to their engagement session by inviting mom along.

Clever and in figuring out surprises, it has always been hard for Chris to keep secrets secret for long.  He knew that when it was time to propose that he would need the help of their family and friends so that Allison would not expect the moment to come.  Enlisting his friend Alfie to plant the idea of having dinner at The Grand Floridian, Allison and Chris decided go out for a date night and after watch the fireworks by the water.  Walking towards the dock, the Grand 1 Yacht lit up with lights twinkling all around it.  Allison immediately thought a private event was taking place, but Chris persisted that they should check it out to see what was happening.  The boat captain turned around the corner stopping the two in their tracks and asked posed what felt like the question of a lifetime… “we just had a party cancel on us a few minutes ago.  We have the boat filled with food, drinks, fuel and even a photographer.  We’d hate to see it all go to waste.  How would you like to have a Disney Magical Moment and ride on board they act and watch the fireworks over the water?”  Of course, Allison jumped at the opportunity (thinking it was all her idea!).

Settling in on the back of the boat, the two counted down to 9 PM when the show would begin.  Around 8:59 PM the back door opened and a man asked “hey, what time do the fireworks start?”  Thinking nothing of it, Allison said that she didn’t know, but the man persisted stating, “Allison, what time do the fireworks start?”  Completely shocked to hear her name, she turned around and their standing in front of her was her dad!  Chris had arranged for Allison’s mom and dad to join in on the proposal and prepared them in advance to be on the boat before their arrival.  Hugging, screaming with excitement, and tears of joy to see her parents, she turned back around to find Chris on one knee.  Fireworks behind him as 9 PM arrived, Chris asked Allison to marry him and she of course said, “YES!”

Remembering that you are a TEAM is the wisdom that my ‘soon to be’s’ have for other newlyweds.  Wedding planning can be stressful, but including one another in decisions will help lighten the load.  I love this piece of advice, as your wedding day is about the two of you, so why not plan it together!

Venue: Leu Gardens

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