Little Big Econ Forest Engagement

Fahima & Kyle’s Barr Street Trailhead Engagement

Fahima and Kyle met me out in the heart of Geneva, Florida at Barr Street Trail Head near the Little Big Econ State Forest for their sun kissed engagement. What I love so much about my sweethearts’ engagement location, was that it was the same trailhead where Kyle proposed.

Kyle and Fahima met by chance on Tinder, when they both swiped right. Their first in-person date took place at Azteca D’Oro, which was soon followed by many more dates after. Kyle was taken by Fahima from the moment he saw her. Her smile radiated through the room and truly you could not help but smile back.

While Fahima loves Kyle’s smile just as much as he loves her, it his calming affect on her that would be her favorite characteristic. As Fahima describes it, “whenever I have doubts, feel sad, or have negative thoughts, Kyle lets me cry, vent, or stay quiet until I am ready to talk. He does all of this without any judgment. He supports, encourages and really just wants me to be happy, which makes me want to make him happy. I know he loves my smile and I love his smile too. So in the end we just want to always see each other smile at the end of the day.”

With so much love between the two, it is clear to see that they were meant to find one another. Kyle truly could not imagine a life without Fahima and after dating for some time decided to propose. While spending the day off together on Veteran’s Day, Kyle planned a day hike with Fahima at Barr Street Trailhead. It was a special place (and would soon be even more special), as they shared their first kiss there. At 8 AM, the two set off on their morning hike during the chill of the morning. As Fahima reminisces, “I remember it being cold and I had a light sweater on. He had on a thicker jacket so I was waiting for him to offer me but never did, so I was getting annoyed.” What Fahima didn’t know at the time was that while Kyle I am sure wanted to give her his jacket, he was nervously keeping a little box with an engagement ring secret in his pocket. After five minutes into their hike, Kyle asked Fahima to sit with him on a bench they were about to pass. Fahima pressed Kyle to keep going, I mean it had only been five minutes, but he insisted and the two sat down to enjoy the view.

Sitting together, Fahima rested her head on Kyle’s shoulder while he talked about their relationship. Kyle let her know that she was “his best friend, he loved me and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.” Pulling out the ring, Fahima was in complete shock and excitement. After the shock wore off tears set along with many kisses. The two enjoyed the rest of their hike and celebrated back at home with a morning brunch of pancakes.

The two will be tying the knot at the beautiful Cypress Grove Estate House in Cypress Grove Park. They chose the venue due to the stunning moss draped on each tree and romantic atmosphere.

Through trials and tribulations, Fahima and Kyle have received two beautiful pieces of advice about being with the one you love. From Kyle – “support your future spouse. I wanted you to enjoy your life and I encouraged you to find a profession you would like.” From Fahima – “The best advice we have received would have to be from my parents. They always told me that for every problem there is a solution and not to over think about every challenge we face. We should always talk to each other about our successes and failures as individuals and as a couple. To overcome our failures we should listen, support and encourage one another to figure out a way to move passed it.” What I love about both of these responses to the best piece of advice they had received is that both of them focus on supporting and cherishing the one you love.

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at the beautiful Cypress Grove Estate House this coming February!

Venue: Barr Street Trail Head at Little Big Econ State Forest

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