Mead Garden Engagement

Payton & Thomas’ Botanical Garden Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Botanical Garden Engagement

Payton and Thomas’ Mead Garden engagement was the perfect sunny Florida theme to kick start their engagement year. Growing up in the same church and participating in many of the same activities, the pair knew one another for many years as good friends before taking the next step.

From an official first date to seven years later, the two couldn’t imagine life without one another. Truly, their strong friendship was the building block for their relationship to flourish.  They both love how they can just spend time with one another and feel totally comfortable being themselves.  From cuddling up on the couch watching movies to Disney day dates exploring the parks, every moment together is filled with silliness and love.

Just a few short months ago in February of this year, Tommy asked Payton for her hand in marriage. During a morning visit to Cocoa Beach pier to watch the sunrise over the ocean, Tommy turned to Payton and asked her to marry him.  As Payton reminisces, “it was very simple and sweet, which is perfect for us.”

Looking forward to our team capture these two tie the knot this coming April!

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