Mead Garden Engagement

Alanna & Troy’s Mead Garden Engagement

Mead Garden Engagement

Alanna and Troy met me out in the heart of Winter Park for their Mead Garden engagement. A botanical garden filled with vibrant growth from the recent rains, it was the perfect background for their session.

Swiping on Love

Like many of my couples, online dating has truly opened doors to finding love. Alanna and Troy met by way of a dating app, Tinder, but all by accident. Alanna at the time was just on the app for fun and after swiping on Troy, and him swiping back, the two had made an online connection that was taken offline for their first date at Starbucks followed by put-put in June of 2014. Realizing that while they both may not have been taking Tinder too seriously, it had made a true match.

Falling in love with Troy came naturally to Alanna, as she explained “I love that he is always supportive, kind-hearted, caring, and we value the same things.” For Troy, he also loves how kind-hearted Alanna is and loving doted that, “we are always able to have a fun time no matter what it is we are doing.” Oh and of course, I couldn’t forget to mention how much he loves her cooking!

A Denver, Colorado Proposal

Fast forward just under five years later from when they met, Alanna and Troy took a mini-getaway trip to Denver, Colorado in March of 2019. Having spoken about marriage for the past few years, the two knew that one day the time would be right. Planning way ahead, Troy had the ring for Alanna for the past two years and was excited to ask for her hand in marriage during their trip realizing that the time was finally right.

Checking into their private room, the two grabbed drinks at the bar and headed back back afterwards to enjoy the mountain scenery. Grabbing the ring, he brought Alanna out to admire the view, which was when he popped the question. An intimate proposal, it was absolutely perfect and of course Alanna said, “yes!”

Looking forward to capturing my sweethearts tie the knot this coming March at the Orlando Marriott World Center!

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