Mead Gardens Engagement

Ally & Ben’s Mead Gardens Engagement

Ally and Ben met up with me at beautiful Mead Gardens for their gorgeous engagement session.  The setting sun and vibrance of the gardens, made for a stunning backdrop.

Having met at a concert back in 2014, Ally at the time was a college student in New York City, while Ben was working in Philadelphia.  Both traveling to D.C. for the concert, the two met by way of chit chatting with other fans and dancing the night away.  While they may have lived in separate states at the time, they realized their connection was so much more than just a night on the dance floor, and after exchanging numbers began officially dating not long after.

Falling in love with how calm Ben is, Ally explained that he is a “great listener, kind to everyone,” and her best friend to party with.  Ben doted that he loves how funny Ally is and passionate about nature.

Proposing to Ally on August 10th of this year, their trip to Yellowstone National Park will be forever an incredible memory.  Backpacking to the Old Faithful geyser, and other popular areas along the way, Ben surprised Ally with asking for her hand in marriage, and as a tribute to the location noted he would always be her “old and faithful.”  Of course Ally said, “yes!” and the two enjoyed their trip further as officially soon to be Mrs. and Mr.

While they have had many challenges of long distance, from living apart between New York to Pennsylvania, Florida to West Virginia, and even Florida to Alaska, fate has finally brought them together in Florida at the same time.  Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this coming October!

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