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Heather & Mark’s Montverde Maternity Session

Heather and Mark will soon be mommy and daddy Gonzalez with the impending arrival of their little one. I actually was introduced to Heather through our mutual friend Melanie who studied speech with Heather at UCF. Mel raved about how adorable Heather and Mark were and I just couldn’t wait to meet them.

My oh my was Mel right. Heather and Mark are just the absolute sweetest and their little one to be will be very happy to have such wonderful parents. The two met me out near my home in Montverde to travel around for more of a spontaneous, fly by our seats, pull over when we see pretty flowers, type of shoot. Heather said she completely trusted my judgment and I was so excited to use some random, very random, spots that came together to create a beautifully styled outdoor maternity session.

We started off at a very small orange grove that almost seems forgotten. I love, love, love the photos of Heather and Mark with their pup Snuggles (yes, I know how cute is his name) as a family. Snuggles is by far the best and most photogenic pup I have ever photographed. Honestly he looks like a plush toy and would sit for hours on end if you directed him too. How cute is snuggles little paw on Heather’s belly?!?!?!?!

After our whimsical grove, we headed nearby to an array of azalea bushes. Literally off of the side of the road, you would never believe where we actually were. The bushes were the perfect complement to Heather’s lace dress and Mark’s plaid button up. Baby to be even had a few shots of their own through the flowers with mommy’s hands holding her tummy.

With one spot down, we headed back home for some shots by a quaint little pond. The two showed me a photo taken on their wedding day that they wanted to replicate of Mark laying in Heather’s lap. The sweetness of my family just enjoying each other is too perfect for words.

Heather and Mark shared a little bit with me about how they met. Ironically enough their first date where their love began was on the day of love. The two met up at the library on Valentine’s Day to study for a test, which they both unfortunately failed and as Heather puts it, “we knew right away we were both meant for each other.” Clearly romance took place over being a book worm that day!

Mark loves Heather’s “heart and how she is always caring for other people,” while Heather loves “how Mark makes her feel like she is the prettiest girl in the world every single day.” The two just feel comfortable around one another and that they can be who they are.

As soon to be parents, Heather is over the moon to be able to cuddle with her new baby and share her love to one of her own, of course she will also still snuggle up with Snuggles as well. Mark is most excited about passing along his knowledge, just like his dad did for him, on how to fish and fix things.

Wishing my sweet mommy and daddy to be a very healthy, smart, and beautiful baby to be!

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  1. Oh my goodness – how cute is this spring maternity session with this couple’s sweet doggie, too?! You captured them beautifully – love it!

  2. Such a beautiful expecting couple! I love that they included their fur-baby in their maternity session! Love the orange groves and the azalea bushes were such a pretty touch too for this spring session!

  3. The dog’s name is Snuggles!? How stinking cute is that! I love this maternity session! The Orange Grove is such a perfect location for the shoot! It looks so private and secluded, absolutely gorgeous! Mom and Dad to be look so incredibly happy to be welcoming their new little one in to their family soon, I can’t wait to see some newborn photos! Please oh please make sure Snuggles attends that session as well! 🙂

  4. Stop it their dog’s name is Snuggles to freaking cute??? I love this maternity session and the location was perfect! Great job on this beautiful maternity session.

  5. What an amazing Montverde Family Photography Session. I love that you utilized the small orange grove that almost seemed forgotten. Its locations like this that make family photo sessions amazing!

  6. How cute is this maternity session? Their dog looks like he is smiling! It’s neat how as a photographer you can see how random locations can make beautiful backdrops for photo sessions. The greenery from the Montverde orange trees and the blooming azalea bushes was a perfect choice for this growing family.

  7. What a lovely maternity / family session Samantha! Love all the variety of poses and looks that you were able to get from a single location! Really beautiful work. Its wonderful that you were able to incorporate their doggie as well!!

  8. What a darling maternity session in Montverde! Loving all of the greenery and the couple is glowing! Their pup seemed to love the photoshoot as well!

  9. Oh my goodness, this is such an adorable maternity session! The mama-to-be is absolutely glowing and you captured the love between them beautifully. I love that they included their puppy in there maternity photos! And when the doggie put his paw on her belly? EEEP! SO cute!!

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