New College Engagement

Natasha & Warren’s New College Engagement

New College Engagement

Natasha and Warren met me out in the heart of Sarasota for their New College of Florida​ engagement. The main hall, a beautiful historic building, was a captivating backdrop for my gorgeous couple.

Love at Law School

Both attending the University of Florida law school at the time, the two met during their very first year in their second semester. Providing free coffee for law students every night during finals, they both happened to be in line on the same night. Chit chatting while they waited, the two parted ways after grabbing coffee. Fate though clearly had a defined future for my sweethearts though, as they kept running into one after first meeting and soon dating ensued.

First attracted to Warren’s smile, Natasha also fell in love with his patience. For Warren, Natasha’s thoughtfulness, along with how caring she is for those she loves, are what he loves most.

Love Note Proposal

Realizing he had found the one, Warren planned to propose to Natasha while he was visiting her in Sarasota. Coming up from Miami to see his girl, Warren took Natasha out for dinner and the two afterwards went home to read some of their love notes to one another. Since they began dating, it has become a tradition of theirs to write sweet little love notes to one another when they were apart and share when they are together. On April 13th of this year, the following morning to their amazing day prior, the two woke up to share coffee together in the morning – another sweet tradition. Drinking coffee in bed, Warren grabbed a few more notes to read from the night before. Side note – Natasha didn’t even realize that one of the notes he grabbed was not in her writing or style of folding, a hint of what was to come.

Taking turns reading the notes over coffee, Warren read one last note, which was his proposal and promise that he would love Natasha forever, oh and along with feeding her fries forever too – haha her favorite food! The silly and sweet proposal was perfect, and even more so that Warren included it as part of one of their first traditions together. Of course, Natasha said, “yes!”

That weekend felt like a dream. From the proposal, to spending time with family and friends afterwards celebrating their news; Warren also landed a job with a law firm during an interview he had that weekend too, which just so happens to be the same firm he works at now! The job opened up the opportunity for Warren to be able to move up to Sarasota with Natasha, which made the weekend even more extra special.

Sarasota has now become home for my couple. They love the variety of restaurant on the water, walking around St. Armand’s circle, drinks at Jack Dusty, produce at the local farmer’s market on Sundays, and most importantly being able to build their lives together. Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this coming April at Selby Gardens!

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