Nights of Lights St Augustine Engagement

Morgan & Tyler’s St. Augustine Night of Lights Engagement

Morgan and Tyler met me out in St Augustine for their engagement session at the Lightner Museum during the annual ‘Nights of Lights’ holiday event. Nights of Lights is a beautiful time taking place during the holidays where over 3 million (holy moly!) lights on strung on many of the downtown businesses and historic landmarks. One of my favorite spots to visit during the Nights of Lights is the Lightner Museum, as they string lights on the trim of every single window and door along with the bushes and trees in the garden leading to the main entrance. Truly a beautiful and whimsical spot, it was the perfect location for Morgan and Tyler’s holiday themed engagement.

My lovebirds actually met back in January of 2015 during a bonfire meet up at a mutual friend’s house. Tyler first laid eyes, well more of ears, on Morgan when he overheard her talking with her friends about her favorite football team the Carolina Panthers, which just so happened to be Tyler’s favorite as well. Striking up a conversation with Morgan, Tyler quickly found out that they had a lot more in common than just their favorite football team. Both actually attended the same college campus on the same day at the same time for months with overlapping classes, both had gone to many of the same Carolina Panthers football games, and get this… they both drove the same car! After that night both Tyler and Morgan could not stop thinking about each other. Meeting someone with so many common interests and so much passion for those interests was absolute fate!

Of course it didn’t take long for a first date, second date, and many more dates to happen after that first night at the bonfire. Morgan fell in love with how caring Tyler was with her and everyone he meets. Of course as she explains it in addition to his caring side he is also quite the comedian that so much so, “he keeps me laughing all day.” Tyler also loves Morgan’s caring side and how she is caring towards everyone she meets too. I just love that both of them love the same attribute about one another. Truly this duo is meant to be.

I just had to know how Tyler proposed to Morgan. With the two of them being so close and sharing so many common interests, I thought it must have been so hard for Tyler to plan out his proposal without Morgan reading his mind… or at least catching on beforehand! Of course Tyler couldn’t agree more and that was why he planned out his proposal during a day trip with Morgan’s family to Magic Kingdom to throw her off his trail. Throughout the day the two had a blast riding rides and seeing the attractions, but it wasn’t until grandma and grandpa walked up while they were at the Castle that the real surprise began. Morgan was in complete shock and so over the moon to see her grandparents. The family decided to have their picture taken with the Castle as the backdrop to commemorate the moment. Slowly grandma and grandpa jumped out of the photos, then mom and dad, and then finally it was just Morgan and Tyler. Tyler bent down to tie his shoe real quick before another snap, but came back up with an engagement ring! Of course Morgan said yes and lovingly noted that, “the Magic Kingdom has totally become the most magical place on Earth for us!” I can only imagine her excitement and surprise to have said, “yes” to her beloved beau and for her family to have been a part of such a magical day.

For Morgan and Tyler, the two couldn’t imagine an engagement session without incorporating their love of the holidays. Capturing my sweethearts against the backdrop of the Christmas lights twinkling about was the perfect little bit of magic to bring into their images. For Morgan and Tyler the meaning of the holiday season is spending time with those that they love most, watching Christmas movies every night, and of course decorating their tree. As Tyler explains, “our plans for this Christmas is to just stay home with family and really enjoy our time together.”

Looking forward to capturing my sweethearts tie the knot next month at the Treasury on the Plaza, but most of all seeing the magic that these two will continue to bring into one another’s life as they say “I do!”

Venue: Lightner Museum

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