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Sophia & Kevin’s Orlando Beach Engagement

Orlando Beach Engagement

Sophia and Kevin met me out at Lake Louisa State Park for their gorgeous Orlando beach inspired engagement session.  A fantastic state park, it offered the opportunity to also include several other areas from woodsy tree covered paths to boardwalks.

Having first met at Fogo de Chao just a year ago this coming Sunday, Kevin first laid eyes on Sophia when he walked up to her table to take her order.  Kevin was a waiter at the time working at the restaurant, and Sophia was dining out with her family.  Immediately taken by one another, the chemistry between the two was evident to everyone at the table, including Sophia’s mom.  Taking it upon herself to play matchmaker, as let’s be real moms really do know best, she instigated with one of Kevin’s co-workers to try to make a match between Sophia and Kevin.  Talking throughout the night every time he checked on the table, Kevin knew that before the dinner ended he would have to ask Sophia for her number.  As the family began to head out, he pulled Sophia aside and the two exchanged numbers, promising to call her soon – which he did!  From their first date on, they became inseparable!

Falling in love with how “thoughtful, sweet, and considerate” Sophia is, Kevin explained that she, “always goes out of her way o make me feel loved, and makes sure I have everything I need in all aspects of life.  One of the qualities that initially stood out to me was how much ambition she had; she did anything she set her mind to.”  Of course it was long into their relationship that Kevin knew he had found ‘the one.’

For Sophia, she fell in love with Kevin being her “sweet serendipity, my life’s most unexpected surprise yet now biggest blessing.”  Sophia further explained that she loves how great of a team the two are, along with Kevin’s patience and intelligence.  Additionally Sophia doted that, “mostly I love the way he makes me feel, so safe and like I’m the most important person in the world.  he’s my best friend and I can’t imagine not spending the rest of my life with him.”

January 11th of this year, Kevin brought Sophia back to Central Park in New York for a little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the every day.  A special place to the two, they had visited the park the Summer prior and went back a place in the park where they had spent hours just talking and enjoying one another’s company.  Finding the same little spot, the two spent time together reminiscing and as they got up to continue on, Kevin asked for Sophia’s hand in marriage.  She of course said, “yes!”  A well kept secret, Kevin had secretly asked Sophia’s entire family for her hand in marriage prior to the proposal!

Looking forward to celebrating with my sweethearts through capturing their big day this coming January at the beautiful Ever After Farms!

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