Orlando Bridal Session

Talia & Ernesto’s Bridal Session

Orlando Bridal Session

Talia and Ernesto met me out at beautiful Mead Botanical Gardens for their stunning bridal session.  While the two tied the knot this past November, they had also envisioned a bridal session afterwards to be able to rock the dress and tux one more time outside in a gorgeous garden.

A Matchmaking Mom

Mom knows best truly summarizes how Talia and Ernesto met!  While visiting her mom at work, Talia was immediately taken when she saw Ernesto, and vice versa.  Not long after arriving, Ernesto walked up to Talia to introduce himself and found out who her mom was.  Friend’s with Talia’s mom, he made the best first impression right off the bat.  Of course, Talia’s mom raved about how Ernesto was the “perfect gentleman” and that Talia most certainly needed to take him up on a first date.

Falling in love with one another, the two have realized that they can always count on one another and explains that, “we are always sharing our ideas, dreams, and goals, along with how to reach them together.”

Their wedding day felt like a dream and was filled with so much emotion.  From seeing all of their friends and family in one room, to Talia’s mom crying tears of joy, along with a few from Ernesto when he first saw Talia, everyone felt the love on their wedding day!

Bridal Session at Mead Botanical Gardens

With their venue primarily being an inside space, my sweethearts opted to take part in a bridal session after their big day, where they would get to rock their gorgeous attire one more time.  From inside for their wedding, to outside for their bridal session , we decided to switch it up with visiting Mead Botanical Gardens.

I must say that we totally felt like celebrities walking around the gardens.  Taking place during the holidays, there were dozens of couples and families out, with many little ones excited to see a real life princess of Talia in her wedding gown.  Many visitors stopped us to wish my couple a congratulations, but even with how busy it was, we always seemed to luck out with the perfect locations all to ourselves.

Asking Talia and Ernesto about the importance of a bridal session and how it felt to take part in one, Talia explained, “it was an amazing feeling to get to wear your wedding dress again, get compliments from strangers, and feel all of the wedding day emotions all over again.  It’s a fact that your wedding day will feel like a complete blur, as it goes by so fast and you don’t get to spend enough time with just the two of you.  The bridal session was a way for us to really enjoy one on one time.”

Talia could not have put it anymore perfectly, and I completely agree, a bridal session is a total must!

Wishing my amazing couple a beautiful life together!

Venue: Mead Botanical Gardens

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