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Nicole & Phillip’s Navy & Green Engagement

Navy & Green Orlando Engagement

Nicole and Phillip met me out at beautiful Leu Gardens for a gorgeous morning engagement session.  I just adored the fun, fresh vibe of their navy floral attire against the greenery backdrop of Leu Gardens.

How They Met

Walking through the gardens, Nicole and Phil shared with me how their love story began.  Dating online has been an invaluable method for meeting others, and it sure was for my sweethearts.  The two met through a dating app called ‘Hinge,’ which connects you with others around you through three degrees of separation from your friends on Facebook.  Essentially you are guaranteed to meet someone in your circle of friends’ friends.  The two definitely lucked out with having mutual friends within a three degree separation, as they were matched up through the app.

Chatting online, it wasn’t long until Phil invited Nicole out for a date in Winter Park at Fidler’s Green – that day specifically was May 19th of 2015.  After enjoying a lovely dinner, the two headed to gorgeous Park Ave to enjoy a stroll along the avenue and drinks at Luma.  Enjoying their conversation late into the night, they realized that they had a clear connection – more closer than three degrees hehe.

What They Love Most

After about three months of dating, Phil and Nicole made their relationship official on August 1st of 2015.  Throughout their first few months of dating and continuing on, Phil fell in love again and again with how Nicole can always make his day better.  From how she makes him laugh to her patience and kindness, Nicole can always take a rough day and turn it around for Phil.  Nicole, claiming to be difficult at times, loves how Phil supports her no matter what and always wants the best for her.  As she illuminates in words, Phil “allows me to be myself without ever feeling judged or making me feel self conscious.”

The Proposal

This love, the same love that began back in 2015 on that fateful day when the two first began their journey together, has grown exponentially.  But you may ask, when did they take the next step, how did Phil propose – well, it all began with a snowball.

Exploring the ‘big apple’ during December of last year, the two went on an adventure through the city to enjoy the display of holiday decorations.  Venturing to Rockefeller Center, they stopped in front of the iconic tree that is decorated annually.  While patiently waiting their turn for their picture time, another gentleman nearby was not so patient.  Two girls were in selfie mode and didn’t seem to be moving anytime soon, even with the nearby line growing.  The gentleman (well, no so gentle as you will see in a moment) warned them that if they didn’t move on he would through a snowball at them.  Everyone near him laughed at the silly joke, which was not a joke at all because not even a moment later he through the hardest snowball right at the selfie takers.  Granted while not the kindest move – they did move indeed.

Now making their way up to the tree, Phil began fumbling with his coat to take off for their picture.  Remind you it is Winter in New York – you don’t take your coat off and even more concerning, Nicole didn’t want to be the next snowball victim.  Pulling off his coat, Phil also slyly pulled out the ring that he had been holding onto since the before their trip began.  Getting down to one knee, he proposed to Nicole at that very moment and of course she said, “yes!”  It was surely a story that they will always remember – snowball and all!

Wedding Day

With their wedding day right around this coming March, I asked the pair what they were looking forward to most.  Simply put, “we are most looking forward to celebrating our love with our friends and family.”  I truly could not agree more and look forward to being apart of capturing their celebration!


Venue: Leu Gardens

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