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Taylor & Josh’s Cobalt Blue & Green Engagement

Orlando Engagement

Taylor and Josh met me out at Leu Gardens in Winter Park for their absolutely stunning engagement.  Like so many of my couples, they forewarned me that they would be “awkward” in photos, and I must say, they were anything but awkward and absolute naturals in front of the camera.

High School Sweethearts

Having met over ten years ago while in 10th grade at Lake Brantley High School, the two would never have guessed that their high school friendship would be forever love.  Even though they had several classes together, it took quite a bit of time before they stroke up a conversation.  Sitting alphabetically in most of their classes, they were only ever a few seats apart based on their last names too.  Finally science class led to an opportunity for fate to bring my two sweethearts together.  Sitting in pairs, the two each sat with their friend and right next to one another’s table.  The four became good friends.  Inviting Josh to her 16th birthday party along with many of her other friends, Taylor had a dream that night that she and Josh were dating.  Waking up and thinking how insanely strange it was, she became increasingly nervous around Josh as feelings started to develop when she would reflect back on her dream.  Nervous about telling him, she finally opened up and so did Josh.  Josh had actually had a crush on her for the entire semester, but like Taylor was also worried about their friendship.  Well it wasn’t long after that they began dating once both of their secret crushes on one another were out, and the rest is history!

A Caring Heart

Falling in love was so natural for Taylor and Josh.  Josh explained that what he loves most about Taylor is how she looks at him.  Lovingly he describes, “when I look into her eyes and see her smiling back at me, I’m lost in a perpetual daze of love, because I know I’ve found the one thing I could never live without.”  Are you crying, because I am crying right now – seriously so romantic.  For Taylor, Josh’s honest and caring heart is what she fell in love with most.  Caring deeply for those around him, his positivity can light up a room and make anybody smile, especially Taylor.  As she explains, Josh “truly lights up my life in every single way possible, and with him I know that I’m the best possible version of myself.  I couldn’t imaging a better person to spend forever with!

Proposal in Oregon

I must say that no matter how long you have been together, a proposal can always be a little nerve-racking.  Josh had always known he wanted to propose to Taylor at Ecola State Park in Oregon, but he didn’t foresee just how nervous he would be.  Well combine a three hour drive to the state park, along with three very strong cups of coffee, Josh had to work up his nerves to pop the question.  Asking a couple to take a picture of them, and to secretly flip to video, it took a good 20 seconds before he got down on one knee and asked his girl for her hand in marriage.  Of course, Taylor said, “yes!”  What I love about Taylor and Josh’s proposal story, is that everyday their love gives them butterflies.  While they had been together for over nine years at this moment in time, it was still an incredibly exciting and beautiful moment that will never be forgotten.

Looking forward to capturing Taylor and Josh tie the knot at Club Lake Plantation in January of 2020!

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