Allison & Matt’s Downtown Winter Garden Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Allison and Matt met me out in the heart of downtown Winter Garden for their beautiful engagement session in the little historic town.  The two live in Clermont and enjoy periodically visiting the quaint streets and shops of the little area, so just knew it would be perfect for their engagement session!

From Texas, to California, to now Florida, their love has brought them throughout the country, but it was Texas where they met.  Having both working at the time during the Summer of 2004 at Joe’s Crab Shack in Grapevine, Texas, the two naturally started up conversations while on the same shift.  Their small talk soon grew into a date proposal and they shortly became inseparable!

Allison fell in love with how Matt could always make her laugh, even when she doesn’t want too!  During our engagement session, Matt’s silly faces and little jokes helped lighten the mood and I could definitely tell how relaxed Allison felt having him with her.  For Matt, it is Allison’s zest for adventure and joy of doing, well, nothing – essentially just enjoying one another’s company without the need to always be doing something.

It seemed like time had flew by since their first date and five years later the two went to Costa Rica to celebrate their anniversary.  Spending the day rappelling at a waterfall and cooking steaks that night (a tradition of eating at Texas de Brazil, which didn’t have a Costa Rica location), the two planned for a fun and enjoyable day together in one another’s company.  Enjoy an amazing meal with some amazing wine, the two reminisced, on how they first met and Allison opened up saying, “I think I made a good decision about you.”  Matt felt the same way, but his response was a little more than sweet words of love and quite the unexpected surprise.  Pulling out a ring from his back pocket, Matt held it out to Allison and said, “I want to spend the rest of my life showing you that you made a good decision.”  Side bar – seriously, I am literally crying right now – Matt, you have insanely perfect timing that made for such a beautiful moment!  Of course, he followed his response, with asking ‘the question’ back to Allison for her hand in marriage, and joyfully she said, “yes!”  Matt remembers that there “were tears, laughter, hugs and kisses, and a lot of shock for Allison, because she’d convinced herself it wasn’t happening on this trip.”  Their rainforest treehouse getaway in the forests of Costa Rica truly became a trip to remember!

Looking forward to our team capturing these two tie the knot this June!

Venue: Downtown Winter Garden

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