Victoria & Michael’s Kraft Azalea Engagement

Victoria and Michael met me out in the heart of Winter Park, not far from downtown Park Ave., at Kraft Azalea for their beautiful outdoor engagement.  Victoria had debated between a couple different locations, but after finding another recent session at Kraft Azalea, fell in love with the light, beauty, and stunning trees the park had to offer.

Their story began through meeting at the hospital where they both worked at the time.  Michael recalls the moment he saw Victoria, which just so happened to be her job interview.  While Victoria was a ball of nerves and doesn’t quite remember seeing Michael on the day of her interview, it wasn’t long until she noticed him as well when they began working with one another.

From co-workers, to dating, to building a beautiful relationship, the two realized that they had something special.  Michael knew he wanted to propose to Victoria and even purchased a ring months ahead of time.

While on an RV trip for New Years Eve in 2016 with their closest friends, the two enjoyed spending time together along with the group, celebrating the beautiful weather and views, and of course enjoying their adventure along the way.  As the evening advanced, New Year’s preparations began.  Everyone came by the camp site and Victoria started pouring champagne. Confused and thrown off guard, Michael took Victoria’s champagne glass and handed them to their friend.  Almost time for the ball to drop, Victoria gave him a puzzled look, which was when he held both of her hands and said, “there is something that I still need to do in 2016.”  Kneeling down, he asked Victoria to marry him and she of course said, “yes!”  As Victoria reminices, “it was the surprise of a lifetime.  It was absolutely perfect.”

Summarizing their experience so far and how they continue to intend to experience their wedding planning can be identified in one word, “enjoy!”  Taking the time to enjoy your big day from the planning to the actual day when it comes, would be my sweethearts best piece of advice for others planning a well.  As Victoria explains, “lets make the most of it!”

Venue: Kraft Azalea Park

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