Kristine & Anthony’s Orlando Engagement

Kristine and Anthony met me out in Orlando at the beautiful Leu Gardens for their botanical garden engagement.  The two incorporated a dressy casual look along with shirts from their favorite football teams for a sporty style.

Their story began on August 9th of 2014 when they met through a mutual friend at a local bar.  Kristine’s friend Rachel invited her out for happy hour at Five Bunks Dinkery, which Kristine took her up on.  Jumping up off the couch and changing from pjs to a cuter outfit, Kristine headed out from her downtime at home to drinks with Rachel.  Rachel also invited another friend to join them, Lori, who happened to also invite her friend Anthony.  Last to arrive, Kristine was surprised to find their group had grown from two to four and the handsome man that had joined them for drinks.

Not long after leaving the bar, Lori and Rachel made a match between Kristine and Anthony when they worked together to get approval for Anthony to text Kristine.  Anthony immediately texted Kristine after approval was received and the following Monday they had their first date at Bella Brava.  Their matchmaking friends knew what they were doing, because several years later the two are now planning their big day!

Anthony fell for Kristine from the moment he saw her, but their connection is what drew him in.  Just like himself, Kristine love to travel and about two years ago the two created a bucket list of travel adventures that they work on crossing off together.  For Kristine, of course she loves Anthony’s sense of adventure, but also how incredibly good-hearted he is and how he goes above and beyond for his family and friends.  As Kristine explains, “we have a blast with one another and I can’t imagine my life without him in it.”

Big brunchers, the two planned to meet up with their friend Vickie for brunch in downtown St Pete at Bella Brava, yes the very same place they had their first date.  While they don’t normally visit Bella Brava for brunch, they liked to switch things up from time to time so no red flags went off for Kristine.  After brunch, the two planned to also go ring shopping over at Sundial, which Kristine was very much looking forward too!

Arriving a bit early and waiting for their friend, Kristine suggested that they walk along the waterside, but Anthony kept directing them back to the beautiful Christmas tree in the hear of North Straub Park.  Finally making their way to take in the beauty of the holiday decorations and sweet little park, Anthony turned to Kristine and said her to her, “we have been together for a while now,” which Kristine giggled and nodded her head in agreement too – still no idea of what was to come! – and continued on getting down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.  Completely shocked, excited, and overjoyed, Kristine said, “yes!”  As Kristine remembers the magical moment, “the moment was perfect and fairly private.  Although there were a few others in the park, at that moment I felt as if I were the only girl in downtown St Pete.”

I have to say that I just LOVE Kristine’s advice for other couples planning their big day, which is to not sweat the small stuff.  Whether unexpected things come up prior or during your big day, it is important to remember that those mishaps will be forgotten and to “not sweat the small details, slow down, relax, and take mental pictures throughout the day” to remember every moment and feeling.  Oh an of course, “make sure you eat!”

Venue: Leu Gardens

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