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Victoria & Zach’s Family Engagement – Captured by Dawn

A Family Engagement

Victoria and Zach met us out at beautiful Lake Louisa State Park for their gorgeous family engagement.  Accompanied by their adorable daughter Holland, the three were such a joy to capture!

How They Met

We met in August 2012 at a mutual friend’s party at FSU.

What They Love Most

We definitely balance each other out. He’s very logical and I’m fanciful. We look back to who we were 7 years ago and we realize how much we’ve helped each become more complete and realized people. He’s an amazing dad and I’m so lucky our daughter has him.

The Proposal

Oh boy story time, but not exactly a fairy tale. We went to Breckenridge, CO for our annual ski trip with my family. As we picked up our bags at the airport, he realizes he left his phone on the plane. His phone also holds his license and credit cards in the case. They checked the plane, but no go. Luckily, I brought my extra phone and lent it to him. The first day of skiing, he went with my brothers on the black diamonds runs, but I was taking it easy with my dad and sister on the bunny slopes. We were supposed to meet up at lunch. I get to the restaurant and pull out my phone and see several missed calls from my other phone. I call back and someone named Nick answers. He tells me Zach had a snowboarding accident and that he’s awake, but has a head injury. He tells me to meet ski patrol at the bottom of the mountain. They bring him down and take him to the hospital. He had a broken orbital bone (which required surgery weeks later) and needed stitches in four places in his face. As they are stitching up his face, he pulls out a baggie with the ring in it. I did know this was happening because I helped design the ring. He goes, “So is now a good time to ask?”

The main picture of the weekend wasn’t the ring, it was a picture of his poor face. My dad and brothers show it to everyone they know.

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