Pony Toddler Portrait Session

Ivy and Angel’s Pony Portraits

“All I want for Christmas is a pony.”  Well at only three years old, Ivy has already started learning to ride on best pony pal Angel. Ivy’s horsemanship was so incredible to watch as she gently brushed Angel and gathered hay into a bucket for him to eat later.

The stable where Angel lives is stunning. It is the barn of you dream of as a little kid from a bouncy horse to play loft, there was non-stop fun for little ones to explore. While mommy Brook was tacking Angel up, Ivy played outside in the rain running back and forth to the barn. Once tacked up we head out to explore the back yard with its tall oak trees. Angel was not the perfect Angel in wanting to stay still, but what mini ever stays still! However, he was a perfect Angel with Ivy. We were able to get a couple great candid shots of Ivy ducking backwards under trees and watching the neighbor’s pups. What a fabulous little rider and pony!

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